Highly Respected Certified Nurse Midwife, Kathleen Morrow, CNM, MA, will be Highlighted in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

(PR NewsChannel) / February 6, 2017 / Watsonville, California 

The International Nurses Association is pleased to welcome Kathleen Morrow, CNM, MA to their prestigious organization with her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare. Kathleen Morrow is a Certified Nurse Midwife with more than 40 years of experience in her field and an extensive expertise in all facets of nursing. Kathleen is currently serving as the Founder and Executive Director of her own non-profit organization,Pemakö Health Initiative, with a US office in Watsonville, California and an international office in Tuting, India.

Kathleen Morrow graduated with her Diploma in Nursing in 1975 from California Hospital Medical Center and a Certificate in Nurse-Midwifery from the University of Mississippi in 1981. An advocate for continuing education, Kathleen went on to obtain her Bachelor of Art’s Degree in Social Psychology and Anthropology in 1985 and completed her Master of Art’s Degree in Counseling Psychology in 1987.

She established Pemakö Health Initiative in 2010 which was founded on the belief that every family has the fundamental right to have access to healthcare, clean water, and for every woman to have a clean and safe birth experience. Kathleen has worked internationally to help women, and is dedicated to building community reliant family and obstetrical health care to promote healthy families from birth. She attributes her success to her determination, as well as accomplishing anything she sets her mind to.

Learn more about Kathleen Morrow here: http://inanurse.org/network/index.php?do=/4134135/info/ and http://pemakohealthinitiative.org/ and be sure to read her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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SOURCE:  International Association of HealthCare Professionals

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