Labor allies continue to fight as Right to Work moves forward in Missouri

Fast-tracked legislation looking to fulfill Gov. Greitens’ Right to Work campaign promise
(PR NewsChannel) / January 31, 2017 / JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. 

Missouri_State_SealIn what has already been an eventful 2017 for labor supporters in Missouri, union allies in the state are facing a new set of challenges as the state legislature has fast tracked two pieces of Right to Work legislation.

Late last week, Senate lawmakers approved their latest Right to Work effort with a 21-12 vote, which sends the bill to the House, where legislators approved their own version of the legislation earlier this month.

The latest legislation was passed through the Senate without any hint of compromise by the state GOP: A fact that has left many state Democrats threatening more filibusters moving forward.

With both bills now threatening to advance to Gov. Greitens’ desk, state labor supporters are in for a hard fight.

“This was an important election cycle and unfortunately it didn’t go labor’s way,” said Richard Dalton, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 18 in Ohio. “It’s now up to the Democratic lawmakers and the people of Missouri to let the GOP and Gov. Greitens know Right to Work is wrong for Missouri.”

Replacing former Gov. Jay Nixon, a Democrat and longtime labor ally, Gov. Greitens vowed throughout his campaign to make Missouri a Right to Work state. If passed, either bill would signify an early political victory for Greitens and a damaging blow to unions throughout the state.

A Right to Work law permits working individuals in certain industries to operate without paying the necessary labor union dues – dues that they would otherwise be required to pay. Business aligned proponents of such laws claim that they decrease unemployment while opponents assert that the laws drive wages down and force hard working families into poverty.

Opponents of Right to Work measures further claim that the laws lead to decreased worker rights and ultimately damage the middle-class.

“Wherever such laws are implemented, working families suffer,” says Dalton. “The people of Missouri deserve more than that.”

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