Granite State could face Right to Work legislation in 2017

Newly elected Governor Sununu has made it clear he will push for labor reform this year
(PR NewsChannel) / January 2, 2017 / CONCORD, N.H. 

new_hampshire_state_house_5In the wake of an election that returned GOP politicians to power in an electoral tidal wave, labor unions nationwide are worried about what will come next. In state legislatures all over the country conservative leaders are prepping to enact Right to Work laws which could upend labor union rights.

New Hampshire is proving to be no exception now that Governor Elect Chris Sununu, son of famed Republican operative John Sununu, has made it clear Right to Work legislation will be a key piece of his upcoming agenda.

Even though Republicans will control both houses in the state legislature as well as the governorship, Sununu is stressing that he will accomplish labor reform with bipartisan support from Democrats.

“We can’t just ram down a piece of legislation down everybody’s throat,” Sununu said. “We have to be good listeners on both sides of the aisle.”

Despite his assurances, labor leaders are not so convinced of the Governor Elect’s new bipartisan spirit.

“For all his talk of reaching across the aisle there is no doubt that Chris Sununu believes he has a mandate to lead,” says Richard Dalton, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) Local 18 in Ohio. “As a result, he will try to impose unwanted and harmful laws on the hard-working people of New Hampshire. He is going to be in for a fight because the working people of his state will be ready to take him on. Believe it.”

Chris Sununu defeated Democrat Colin Van Ostern, who was staunchly against Right to Work proposals, on Election day.

Right to Work laws allow individuals in certain industries to operate without paying the necessary union dues. Business aligned proponents of such laws claim that they decrease unemployment while opponents assert that the laws drive wages down and force hard working families into poverty.

Opponents of Right to Work measures claim that the laws result in decreased worker rights and ultimately damage the middle class.

“There’s always going to be a new threat that labor supporters have to fight against,” says Dalton. “Everyone involved knows the stakes and will be prepared to step up when it’s time. Workers and labor leaders in New Hampshire will do everything they can to stand against this damaging legislation.”

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