5 content marketing ideas for press releases

Here are some tips on ways to come up with ideas for content marketing press releases
(PR NewsChannel) / January 2, 2017 / TAMPA, Fla. 

content marketing press releasesUgh… coming up with ideas! It sounds like it might be the toughest part for content marketing. But experts say that’s only the case when you overthink it. So from PR NewsChannel, a leader in using press releases for content marketing, 5 content marketing ideas for press releases:

1. Look what’s going on in the news.
See what’s in the news and how you or your company can comment or add to it. How about looking at press releases on PR NewsChannel and getting ideas from that? You must look at news that might trigger a content marketing idea for you and your company.

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2. Take a stand.
If you represent a not for profit or advocacy group, perhaps you might have something to say. The Orthodox Union (OU) put out a press release when the United States abstained from a vote by the United Nations that was largely considered anti-Israel. That’s a dramatic example. Ther press release was sent to the media. But any organization like OU can put out a press release online to make sure their entire statement and position are intact and performs well in the search engines. See the opportunity?

3. Promote content in other places.
Got a blog? An active Facebook or Twitter page? You can promote the content that you are promoting on those channels via online press releases. It can be print content, graphics or videos. This provides a prime opportunity to cross-promote.

4. Holidays are something to cheer about.
How do holidays impact your business? Can it be a mechanism for a sale? If so, promote something via a content marketing press release. Do you have a new product that ties into the holidays? Put out a press release on that!

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5. Dovetail off the news.
There’s no shortage of news these days. Take advantage of it. If your business has anything to do with U.S. presidential politics, then now presents a gold mine of opportunities for content marketing press releases. But think of what’s going on the news and see how you or your company can get in on it.

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