IXu’s U.S. Female Condom Patents: In Talks to License to India’s Cupid Ltd.

(PR NewsChannel) / December 14, 2016 / NEW DELHI, India 

ixu-product-shotU.S. design firm IXu LLC confirms today that patent licensing talks are in progress between IXu and female condom manufacturer Cupid Ltd. of Nashik, India.

IXu patents cover next-generation female condoms, with extensive research backing the technology.

“IXu was approached by Cupid with their interest to obtain exclusive licensing rights to our patents,” states IXu CEO Brian Osterberg. “The IXu patents, currently being developed under the women’s condom brands VA wow and VA Vibe, should drastically increase the global female condom market.”

Osterberg also states, “Our patents focus on miniaturized stimulation accessories attached to conventional female condoms, in essence creating a female condom/sextoy combination product.”

Current product development and production for IXu is being done at HLL Lifecare Ltd. and Indus Medicare Ltd., both of India.  “IXu looks at Cupid as a potential partner to develop more sophisticated next-generation female condoms,” states Osterberg.

Cupid Ltd. is one of four major female condom manufacturers. Cupid’s Bombay Stock Exchange share price rose from 9 to 475 during 2014 to 2015. Cupid was rated a 2016 Forbes Top 200 Asian Under a Billion.

“Our revolutionary female condom/sex toy hybrid (VA Vibe) proved extremely successful, with a very high female orgasm rate, in an independent 50-couple User Survey conducted by Prastut Consulting of India. The demand for these worn-of-women vibe condoms is real and we will enter global distribution in 2017,” states Osterberg.

ixu-llc-indiaOn the conventional female condom side with IXu, one early European test-market of the VA wow included the Portuguese Health Ministry.  The ministry chose to purchase only the VA wow brand female condom for all its national clinics – – after an initial year of offering both the VA wow and the FC2 female condoms to the entire population in all clinics.

The VA wow model achieved the highest overall rating in efficacy when compared to the Cupid, FC2 and PATH brands in a 2013 clinical study of performance. The Lancet medical journal published the results of the clinical study funded by UAFC, Universal Access to Female Condoms. See ixullc.com for the full Clinical Study results.

The VA Vibe model was showcased on CNN’s Dr. Drew show and critically acclaimed by Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Fitness, The Mirror, The Guardian, mic.com, etc., and other writers from the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, Australia, Italy, etc.

About IXu LLC.

IXu designs have 20-years market presence globally and are well-known in the male and female condom industry.   IXu developed the world’s media and consumer-rated number #1 inSpiral male condom.  Previously sold at Walgreens, Boots, CVS Drugs, Walmart, etc., and preparing for a “new and improved” global relaunch.

IXu also holds the U.S. Design Patent for the curved “banana-shaped” male condom, which Durex® marketed briefly in the USA.

IXu LLC is a design firm founded in the USA in 1998.

Brian Osterberg
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