Highly Respected Nurse Elaine E. Simonds, RN, BN, MA, COHN(C), will be Announced in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare

(PR NewsChannel) / November 28, 2016 / Calgary, Alberta, Canada 

With an upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare, Elaine E. Simonds, RN, BN, MA, COHN(C), joins the prestigious ranks of the International Nurses Association. Elaine is a registered nurse with 36 years of experience in her field and an extensive expertise in all facets of nursing. Elaine is currently serving patients as occupational health nurse at Elaine E. Simonds Resources, her private practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, specializing in occupational health, consultant occupational health, and disability management.

Elaine graduated with her Nursing degree from Saint John School of Nursing prior to 1980. She then attended Athabasca University Faculty of Health Disciplines where she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing in 1997. An advocate for continuing education, Elaine went to Gonzaga University and acquired her Master of Arts degree in Psychology in 1999. A Certified Occupational Health Nurse in Canada, Elaine keeps current in the latest developments in the nursing field by maintaining professional memberships with the Alberta Registered Nurses Association, the Canadian Occupational Health Nurses Association, and the Alberta Occupational Health Nurses Association. Furthermore, she keeps up to date in the latest advancements in psychology through her professional membership with the Canadian Guidance and Counseling Association. Elaine attributes her success to her fantastic mentors, and in her spare time enjoys hiking, outdoor activities, gardening, and traveling.

Learn more about Elaine here and read her upcoming publication in the Worldwide Leaders in Healthcare.

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SOURCE:  International Association of HealthCare Professionals

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