Toward the Next Stage of a Global Ginza: Largest Retail Facility in Ginza, ‘GINZA SIX’ will be Born on April 20, 2017 with 241 brands of world-class quality

(PR NewsChannel) / October 26, 2016 / TOKYO 

Ginza Six exteriorThe “Ginza 6-chome District 10 Category 1 Urban Redevelopment Project,” which is currently proceeding development targeting construction completion at the end of January 2017, has decided upon the facility name of “GINZA SIX.” Furthermore, .Front Retailing Co. Ltd., Mori Building Co., Ltd., L Real Estate, and Sumitomo Corporation have decided upon April 20, 2017 as the grand opening date for the retail facility that will be born from this project.

Epic scale and quality born from redevelopment

As an area of concentrated commercial activity that incorporates cutting-edge innovation while also continuing Japan’s great tradition and history, the Ginza area is a symbol of Japan. Right in the center of this one of a kind area, “GINZA SIX,” which at approximately 47,000㎡ boasts the largest area for a retail facility in the Ginza area, will be born. This is not an isolated replacement of the Matsuzakaya Ginza department store: The epic scale produced by redeveloping two blocks, including the surrounding area, will become a world-class commercial space that brings together a wide range of 241 brands in the largest retail facility in Ginza. With a full length (frontage) of approximately 115m facing the Chuo-dori, which is a symbolic main avenue of the Ginza area, there are large 2 to 5–story flagship stores for six world-class luxury brands whose distinctive façades create a new face of the Ginza area.

The brand slogan “Where Luxury Begins, What is the luxury of tomorrow?”

The brand slogan of GINZA SIX is “Where Luxury Begins, What the World Wants Next.”

As Japan has developed into a mature society, the concept of luxury does not simply mean expensive or high class, but items and experiences of the highest value that enrich life. For people who want “Life at its Best,” GINZA SIX creates unique spaces and features that can be found nowhere else in the world and epitomizes the idea of “New Luxury.”

We are making new history in Ginza. Please look forward to the birth of “GINZA SIX” on April 20, 2017.


Where Luxury Begins
What is the luxury of tomorrow?
What will be precious to us
every day, at work and play?
GINZA SIX has the answer.
An oasis of inspiration, interaction, and discovery.
A unique space that reveals the future,
introducing new dimension in luxury
for the world to explore.

Retail Facility 

A retail facility is born, featuring the largest area in the Ginza, Japan’s most celebrated shopping district

241 stores will open in a 47,000㎡ retail facility, the largest of its kind in the Ginza area. We have curated a lineup of stores that include fashion brands from collections across the world, making it a place where customers can visit to understand the now of Japan and feel the latest world trends. With a full length (frontage) of approximately 115m facing the Chuo-dori, the main avenue of Ginza area, there are large 2-5 story flagship stores for six world-class luxury brands as their flagship stores whose distinctive façades create a new face of the Ginza area.

◇ Opening date :    April 20, 2017
◇ Retail facility area : Approx. 47,000㎡ *Includes passages in common area and other
◇ Number of stores : 241 stores (merchandise sales 210, restaurants 24, services 7)
◇ Floor composition:

  • B2: Food items
  • B1: Cosmetics & Beauty
  • 1-5: Fashion, accessories, lifestyle goods, cafes, etc.
  • 6: Book store, restaurants, etc.
  • 13 (part): Restaurants, banquet hall, etc.

◇ Business hours :

  • Merchandise sales/services: 10:30AM-8:30PM
  • Restaurants: 11:00AM-11:30PM *Different for some restaurants

A store lineup featuring flagship stores that make their presence felt

GINZA SIX will have stores from 241 notable brands with the power to send their messages. More than half of these, 122 stores, are flagship stores – stores that provide service of a higher quality than anywhere else, that are faster than anywhere else, and that invest in a richer range of products than anywhere else, and thus occupy a special position with respect to a brand. This is a representation of the vitality of the Ginza area, which attracts attention from the whole world, and GINZA SIX, which is about to be born there. There are also 81 stores that will be opening in the Ginza area for the first time and 65 stores that will be developing a new business format at GINZA SIX.

Precisely because this is an age where goods are bought online, we feel that the tangible space of GINZA SIX, which allows customers to experience unique spaces and services will produce value. Staking the Ginza area’s reputation and the pride of the flagship stores, they can freely display their brand philosophies and worldviews and rise with GINZA SIX to develop and meet various challenges.

“High quality space design with a story” by Gwenael Nicolas

Ginza Six Introspectionintrospection-image_02Interior design of common area in the retail facility is directed by Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity Inc. To make this huge 47,000 square meter commercial space comfortable for visitors, we have created a space that prioritizes human emotion and physical experience.

Inspired by the narrow alleyways that can still be found in Ginza or Kyoto, we are planning to arrange this area to be fun to stroll around. We also studied the lighting effects of shoji screens or andonan oil lampstands, which are the common features of Japanese architecture, to create lighting designed to move through the area like wind. With a priority on creating a high-quality space throughout, we have insisted on using only the finest materials. This high quality common area will enhance the appeal of each store.

Introducing the first valet parking in the retail facilities in Ginza area

For the first time in Ginza retail facilities, GINZA SIX is introducing valet parking (for a fee) which customers are familiar with from hotels and overseas luxury shopping malls. We provide refined and detailed service from the moment we greet you until the moment we see you off.

Cultural center: Kanze Noh Theater (B3F)

A new theater from the Kanze Noh school; a beacon of Japanese traditional culture

This 480-seat, 1,600 square meter theater will serve as the base for the Kanze school, the largest in Japan’s Noh theater tradition. The theater is intended as a beacon of Japanese traditional culture that heightens Ginza’s presence as an international tourist destination. It will also be open to the local community as an event venue. In the event of a disaster, it can serve as temporary accommodation for stranded commuters.

Tourism base (Tourist Service Center/Tour Bus Bay) (1F) 

An international hub for commerce and tourism

The Tourist Service Center will act as a convenient one-stop location for travelers from Japan and abroad, supplying tourist information and ticketing, currency exchange, de-tax counter, baggage storage, parcel delivery services, and a convenience store that stocks a curated range of souvenirs. The adjoining cafe will also act as a space where travelers can mingle. In addition, a tourist bus station will face onto Mihara Street. The facility will form an international commercial and tourism hub that contributes to the whole Ginza area by offering functions that make it the “gateway to Ginza.”

GINZA SIX Garden (roof garden) 

Ginza’s largest rooftop garden, a 4,000 square-meter space open to the community

An urban garden that expresses a feeling of closeness to the natural environment, and acts as a haven for leisurely interaction among visitors to Ginza. Seasonal events are also planned.

Offices (7-12F/part of 13F) 

Tokyo’s largest single-floor rental spaces

The upper floors of the facility house seven office levels with a total office floor space of around 38,000 square meters. The single-floor rental area (standard floor) is largest in Tokyo, at around 6,100 square meters. With its view down onto Chuo Street and 100-meter-plus floor plate, this top-class office environment will accommodate around 3,000 office workers in the center of Ginza.

Official Documents and photos

Official documents and photos are at the following link below. Please feel free to download.

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