Content marketing tip: How to write a great headline that ‘kicks butt’

Content marketing and content distribution are key to growing business.
(PR NewsChannel) / September 3, 2016 / TAMPA, FL 

Writing and distributing content marketing articles is key to growing business. Writing and then distributing content articles that target certain audiences using key word phrases, drive traffic–and usually boost sales. However it’s unlikely anyone will click the article, even if it’s in the top 10, if it doesn’t catch their attention. Having a great headline is vital. It can make all the difference when it comes to whether a company’s content marketing article is successful… or not.

Dave McCarthy from PR NewsChannel offers three tips on how to write a terrific headline for content marketing articles, so that you get the maximum during content distribution.

Tip #1 – Make sure that the title is novel 

Most people have so much going on in there lives that they hardly have the time to sit and read an article. That is why it is so important that the title of a content marketing article be interesting and/or novel. Try to make it sound newsy, such as mentioning a new product or a recent development in the company when crafting the headline. “Your headline needs to kick butt to stand out. The more new and noteworthy the title is, the more likely it is that a consumer will take the time to read the content marketing article,” McCarthy says. Sales and business tend to increase when the titles of content marketing pieces are novel.

Tip #2 – If possible, include a quote

In the age of smartphones, tablets and other devices the average American is constantly bombarded by advertising. The amount of headlines that they see everyday is staggering. However, if one of those titles has a quote in it readers are far more likely to stop and take a look at it. The reason for this is because when a quote is involved the article becomes focused. It now has the opinion of somebody and readers will likely want to hear this opinion. So when writing a title for a content marketing piece be sure to include a quote from somebody of merit to talk about a product or business.

Tip #3 – Write with yourself in mind

Not to reiterate, but the key to write a great headline is to make it interesting. The best way to make a title not interesting is to write it generically. So, be sure to write an article with yourself as the reader in mind. You know what you like to read so write the title to attract yourself . This will almost guarantee that the title is catchy and interesting also.


Content marketing can be challenging, but if done correctly it can target an audience and lead that audience to buy a product. It starts with the headline.

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