PR NewsChannel recruiting bloggers, publishers for ‘most generous’ affiliate program

Press release newswire and content distributor PR NewsChannel to launch affiliate program this month
(PR NewsChannel) / September 2, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PRNewsChannelFor a new affiliate program which launches later this month, the press release newswire and content distributor PR NewsChannel is recruiting website publishers, organizations and not for profits that reach an audience of small business, marketing or public relations for “the most generous affiliate program you will find. Anywhere.”

“We’re launching a generous payout affiliate program,” says Suzy Mickel from PR NewsChannel. “Affiliating with us can earn you lots of money per sale. We’re making it worth your while.”

Bloggers and websites that promote PR NewsChannel to their followers and readers through a link on your website or newsletter, can earn up to 35% per sale, adds Mickel.

On its website, the company calls its affiliate program “the most generous affiliate program you will find. Anywhere.”

An affiliate is someone who promotes your products on their site or newsletter, be it through banner ads or text-based links. In return, a company pays them a commission for any sales derived from their traffic.

The affiliate program compensates website owners, bloggers and other people referring traffic that lead to sales.

“We are looking for motivated, medium to high-traffic websites and organizations with a focus on small business, marketing, public relations and publishing or reaches that audience,” Mickel says.

To apply, please email Suzy Mickel at . Or visit

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