Content marketing: How to stay motivated

(PR NewsChannel) / August 26, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PRNC Rewards ProgramWith all of our phones, tablets and computers to distract us, it is a wonder how anything gets done today. Dave McCarthy of PR NewsChannel knows that he personally has a hard time staying motivated with writing when there are so many distractions around. However, when he is writing a content marketing piece there are three rules that he keeps in mind to stay motivated.

Rule #1 – Remember, your writing is directly tied to your business success

Today, very few people understand the importance of content marketing and how it can help grow a business. If done correctly, by writing content marketing pieces a business owner can target an audience and develop interesting articles which will draw customers in and ultimately lead to customers buying their product. If you can stay focused enough to write a interesting piece about your product, people will most likely buy from you. So whenever McCarthy finds himself getting distracted he remembers that “time is money” and realizes that his success depends on the quality of his writing.

Rule #2 – Be sure to make what you are writing interesting and fun

Nobody wants to read a boring article. Nobody. That is why when you are crafting your content marketing article you need to ensure that it is catchy and fun. This will not only help keep you motivated but it will also increase the probability that your readers find it interesting as well. Be sure to start off with a quote or a fun fact about your product. Also, you want to write as though you are having a conversation–relaxed and engaged. Not stiff and boring. This way, even if your product is  very common or mundane, consumers who read your article may be interested enough to check out your product or offering.

Rule #3 – Write for yourself

Be sure when you are writing your content marketing article that it is in a style that you yourself would want to read. Chances are, if you find your piece interesting most readers and consumers will as well. This will help keep you motivated and less prone to writers block. It will also increase the likelihood that consumers will want to buy your product.

So there you have it. Three easy ways to stay motivated while writing your content marketing articles. Cheap plug as a favor to McCarthy: If you are looking for a way to distribute your content marketing articles, perhaps you should check out McCarthy’s company which offers an unlimited article distribution option. Check it out!

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