5 mistakes content marketers make

For content marketers, here's the list and how to avoid them
(PR NewsChannel) / August 24, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

content marketingContent marketers take notice: Content marketing is a wonderful strategy that can and often does achieve some great results, if you avoid some critical mistakes.

Here’s a list of 5 mistakes made most often by content marketers.

CONTENT MARKETER MISTAKE 1: No distribution plan

“Content creation is only the first step in the content marketing process. Yet many business owners and marketers invest the lion’s share of their time and effort into this initial step,” says John Rampton, an entrepreneur and investor, in his article on Inc. “This points to a serious disconnect; one that’s costing companies a whole lot of money.”

Creating content and posting it on a new blog usually doesn’t cut it. If no one is visiting the blog, no one will see the content. So, there are many ways to distribute content online, one of which is via the content syndicator and press release newswire PR NewsChannel. In fact, the company says it’s become so popular, it now offers an unlimited content marketing distribution option. (It incredibly affordable too!)

“Articles need to arrive on top of Google, Yahoo and Bing,” says Dave McCarthy from PR NewsChannel. “We have a host of companies who use our PR newswire to distribute their content marketing material and it works!”

CONTENT MARKETER MISTAKE 2: No content production plan

Content marketing should be part of an overall marketing strategy. You need something to lure customers or clients to your website. Figure out how often you are going to create content and then stick to it, because the content is what will drive traffic to your website.

CONTENT MARKETER MISTAKE 3: Article not useful

The Content Marketing Institute says it’s common mistake to create content that just isn’t useful. “A well-written article that doesn’t solve a problem or answer a question isn’t going to get a much better reception than a poorly written article gets,” the Institute writes. “If someone is looking for advice on how to get rid of an ice dam and you give them information about how ice affects the gutter, that person isn’t learning from you how to get rid of the ice dam.”

CONTENT MARKETER MISTAKE 4: Writing only for humans

Sure, it’s the humans who will be reading your article; the humans are the ones you hope will take action. But it’s the search engines that will be consuming your content. So you need to write in their language. Without thinking about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and writing for specific key words, the article you produce will never make it to your intended target audience.

“Before you start writing, figure out your audience, then research which keywords to associate with your company. These will be the terms that help your site’s organic rank on a relevant search,” writes Rich Kahn on Small Business PR. “Then, make sure you’re creating content that includes those keywords. Creating useful, quality content that naturally incorporates your keywords in the title, alternative image text, headings, and body text are what will gradually improve your organic search ranking.”

CONTENT MARKETER MISTAKE 5: Forgetting to send a content marketing press release

“Distribute your content release through a newswire service and the release and link to your content will live on hundreds of websites, driving discoverability. Include a photo or graphic and you’ll see even better outcomes,” says Victoria Harres on Business 2 Community. “Bonus: media pickup of your press release can send positive signals about your content to search engines.”

McCarthy from PR NewsChannel agrees: “It only helps to have more gateways to your website!”

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