Online political marketing: Service from PR NewsChannel benefits political candidates on a budget

The content distribution/press release newswire offers political content marketing services to boost name recognition
(PR NewsChannel) / August 12, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

online political marketingPolitical marketing is a new science of sorts, that has exploded with the popularity of the Internet and social media. For candidates seeking political office for the first time, building name brand recognition can be rather costly. But it doesn’t need to be.

With 80% of people using the Internet to find what they are looking for and to research a candidate or election, online political marketing has never been more popular.

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Have you heard of content marketing? Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that’s focused on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to attract an audience — and, ultimately, to drive profit. Or in the case of political marketing, it’s about boosting name ID, educating the electorate about positions on issues or attracting traffic to a website.

Even the best leader with the best message can be ignored in the nonstop news cycle. In today’s political circus it is nearly possible for a Mr. Smith Goes to Washington story when nobody knows who the candidate is. That’s why PR NewsChannel created a political marketing option.

The Florida headquartered press release and content marketing newswire offers an online political marketing option that’s geared toward candidates running in a local or statewide office to grow their brand and cement the legitimacy of their candidacy.

“A candidate can go from being a nobody to being a major political player,” says Dave McCarthy from PR NewsChannel. “Whether it be a local, state or national campaign, this service works time and time again.

“PR NewsChannel has a ‘secret sauce’ to make sure your online political marketing content proliferates the way you want and targets the voters you want.”

Online political marketing content you distribute on PR NewsChannel will:

  • get to the top of the search engines
  • be found by your target audience when they are searching;
  • be picked up by tons more websites across the Internet;
  • be ready for sharing on social media.

“Though simple for the end user, PR NewsChannel has mastered a proprietary, involved and intricate process that we spent many years constructing. And it’s helping countless politicos around the country get noticed and create buzz,” says McCarthy.

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