6 content marketing tips for small business

Though small businesses need one, most don't have a content marketing strategy
(PR NewsChannel) / August 11, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

content-marketing-300x253-73faca14211d43e39d27fa47aeb114fed59afe95Small business clearly benefit from an online marketing strategy.

“Every business needs an online strategy to thrive today. Unfortunately, most small business owners don’t have one,” says Alicia Glenn, in her article in Entrepreneur.

If your small business is interested in generating online traffic, sales or create awareness about your brand, then consider content marketing. Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach that’s focused on creating and distributing relevant and consistent content to attract an audience — and, ultimately, to drive profit.

Here are 5 content marketing tips for small business.

Define your Audience: Who are you trying to reach? Who, if they found your content, would benefit you if they ultimately made it to your website? Now think about what content would be of interest to this group or groups and create it.

Get on a Schedule: If you are going to engage in a content marketing strategy, then it’s vital that you create a list of ideas and set up a calendar, so that you stay on schedule.

Search Engine Optimize: Creating great content is not enough. It must be content that is search engine optimized. If the content is not search engine optimized that it will not be found by your audience. “We have one of the most powerful content marketing and press release newswires but without search engine optimization content won’t be found among billions of other pages online,” says Adam Farragut from PR NewsChannel.

Find an Online Marketing Partner: Creating content and publishing it on your website or blog is simply not enough. You need a marketing distribution partner. “Online press releases are a great tool for content marketing,” says Adam Farragut from PR NewsChannel, the press release and content marketing newswire. “Don’t let the name fool ya. They’re called “press” releases. But in 2016, press releases are not just for the press anymore. They allow companies to distribute content through a vast array of channels quickly and affordably so you can reach potential clients and consumers.”

PR NewsChannel has a new unlimited press release distribution option for only $2,995 for the year. Companies can upload an unlimited number of content marketing articles through a customize password-protected portal.

“Create the content and distribute all of it via PR NewsChannel for one low price!”

Utilize Social Media: Your customers may be spending an extraordinary amount of time on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat or Instagram. Leverage social media to share your content. “If your small business isn’t using social media, it’s time to start,” Mike Volpe, Chief Marketing Officer for HubSpot, which specializes in inbound marketing, told CIO. “Social media produces almost double the marketing leads of trade shows, telemarketing or direct mail.”

But choose a social media platform that you can stick with as creating accounts and leaving them dormant is not helpful.

Think about a Website Reboot – The content you create should have links going to your website. Is your website ready? Perhaps it’s time for a reboot. In both look and feel, but more importantly as it relates to your website being mobile-ready. A 2014 Local Search Study from Neustar Localeze found that nearly 80% of local searches on a mobile phone ended in a purchase. If you’re website isn’t mobile-friendly, you are missing out.

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