Florida U.S. Senate candidate praises Trump after Cruz speech

Ernie Rivera applauds Donald Trump’s ‘character’ the day after a tumultuous convention night
(PR NewsChannel) / July 21, 2016 / CLEVELAND, Oh. 


Ernie with Mark and Aron Gonzalez from the Hispanic Action Network

Ernie with Mark and Aron Gonzalez from the Hispanic Action Network

Florida U.S. Senate candidate Ernie Rivera, who unlike Marco Rubio is actually in Cleveland, applauded how Donald Trump handled Ted Cruz last night, and Cruz’s apparent snub by failing to offer an endorsement.

Rivera says Trump showed great character, because instead of withdrawing the offer to have Cruz speak even though he knew Cruz would not endorse him, he gave him a primetime speaking slot anyway.

“Last night Donald Trump showed that he is a man with tremendous character and will be a leader that will try to bring people together to achieve a common goal.” Rivera said “The people of Florida have been watching this and I believe that they will ultimately reward him with twenty-nine electoral votes. Character matters and what Mr. Trump displayed was great character.”

Even though his former adversary ended up betraying him, Rivera believes that Donald Trump showed that he is a true leader who is not afraid of letting other voices be heard.

The Texas senator, who was a former primary opponent of Donald Trump, was rumored to be considering an endorsement of the real estate mogul last night during primetime. That didn’t happen.

Instead of a ringing endorsement, Cruz virtually ignored Trump in his speech and urged fellow Republicans to “vote their conscience” on election day. He was booed off the stage by angry delegates.

After the speech was finished Trump, although visibly discouraged, took Cruz’s slight in stride and simply stated that it was “no big deal.” Rivera says that his reaction impressed him a great deal.

Rivera has been campaigning for the last year on a platform that includes the importance of character. He believes that his chief rival for Senate, Marco Rubio, lacks the character needed to serve as Senator because he went back on his word on running for reelection. Rubio recently jumped back into the race after declaring to leave the Senate in order to make an unsuccessful run for President.

“Look, I think Marco’s decision to run again just shows that he will do anything to cling to power.” Rivera said “He clearly did not enjoy the Senate; he never showed up for work and said he hated his job. If I am elected, I will work hard every day to ensure that my fellow Floridians are well represented in Washington and I will not use the Senate as a stepping stone for a presidential run.”
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