How to use press releases to drive traffic to an online store

Press releases ranking high in search engines for certain key words create a major boost in traffic
(PR NewsChannel) / June 17, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PRNC Rewards ProgramSo you’ve just created an online store on Shopify, Wix or your own website. Now you need traffic, right?

If you’re looking for an article on how to use press releases to drive traffic to your store then you’ve arrived at the right place.

Interestingly, the press release distribution company PR NewsChannel found itself in that position, after it created an online shop to sell press release distributions and wanted to boost traffic.

The company says though it already had clients all over the world, it wanted to offer online shopping opportunities to those overseas and for those who prefer it, The PR NewsChannel Online Shop also offered an obvious opportunity to make a sale even when the sales office was close.

“Immediately we generated online press releases to increase awareness and boost traffic to the new store,” says Adam Farragut, from PR NewsChannel, the press release distribution company and content syndicator. “We also took paid ads on Google and Bing.”

But Farragut says it was the press releases that sparked the most traffic to the PR NewsChannel Online Shop.

“It turned into a great first-hand case study for how to use press releases to drive traffic to a store,” says Farragut. “The traffic we generated from the online press releases we distributed on PR NewsChannel smoked the paid Google and Bing ads. By a long shot.”

Savvy businesses and PR folks are using the press release distribution services PR NewsChannel to disseminate news releases to boost online presence and to drive traffic.

prn send press release

To drive traffic to its online store, PR NewsChannel crafted and distributed on its own newswire several press releases key word optimized for “send press release.” Screen shot shows the press releases at the top of Google News for that phrase.

“We used key word phrases in the press releases so that our press releases popped up at the top during searches,” says Farragut. “Press release are like bread crumbs that will lead potential customers to your webpage or online store.”

Press release are like bread crumbs that will lead potential customers to your webpage or online store.

Using key words to drive traffic to online stores

Amassing traffic is critical to online shopping, because some people will just browse your online store and not buy. But you increase the odds of a buyer if you get more traffic to your online store.

Despite the name, the goal of press release distribution is not just to gain media attention, though coverage is always nice, it’s to reach customers or clients.

“Let’s face it media coverage makes companies feel good. Sometimes it leads to a sale,” says Farragut. “A press release distributed online reaches the people who will buy your product.”

Critical to make that happen, is the use the right set of key word phrases. He advises that you optimize your press releases to target keyword phrases that are popular, but directly relevant to the topic.

The use those target keywords in strategic parts of your press release, such as its headline, subheadline, and in the body will empower your press releases to drive traffic to your online store.

Experts say to avoid overusing the keywords because Google will penalize you and send you to the equivalent of Siberia of the Internet.

If you want to check the popularity of key words, Google AdWords has a tool you can use for free to find out the popularity of phrases if you have an AdWords account.

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