Florida court rules Bank of America must pay homeowner 6 years of attorney fees on dismissed foreclosure lawsuit

Fallen "socialite" expects more court victories vs. Big Banks within the year
(PR NewsChannel) / June 13, 2016 / PALM BEACH, Fla. 
TJ Fisher (left) and friends on the set of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Hollywood, Fla.

TJ Fisher (left) and friends on the set of Trinity Broadcasting Network, Hollywood, Fla.

America’s most-hated bank lost back-to-back court motions on Friday when a judge ordered Bank of America Corporation (NYSE:BAC) to pay Author TJ Fisher’s 2009-2014 attorney fees on a dismissed foreclosure lawsuit. The bank’s bill is expected to total more than $60,000, court documents reflect. The Goliath bank’s recent court loss is unlikely to garner much public sympathy, according to national polls and indexes. The bank consistently tops the list as one of the country’s most despised banks and companies.

“Flamboyant writer stuck in own foreclosure tale; Palm Beach socialite sues Bank of America,” South Florida’s Daily Business Review headlines said when the publication profiled Fisher in 2011. Fisher could tell you a thing or two about fighting Wall Street banking royalty. She’s been fighting Bank of America in the courts for seven years and embroiled in Bank of America-related litigation for nine years.

Taking on the Big Banks and winning? Fisher continues to wage war on Bank of America. Feisty and seemingly boundlessly buoyant throughout years of scorched-earth trials and tribulations, Fisher has three 15th Judicial Circuit of Florida court cases involving the banking giant Bank of America.

The long-awaited jury trial in her main-case $70 million lawsuit against the bank is expected this year. Fisher says she believes the jury will determine the bank culpable and liable and return a large verdict in her favor.

Fisher’s case against Bank of America began with 2006 banking transactions and involves ex-Baltimore Ravens Michael McCrary. McCrary sued Fisher for $60 million and sued the bank, too — for a complex tangle of improper banking policies and procedures in the bank’s wrongful opening of an unauthorized business account. McCrary obtained a $33.3 million default judgment against Fisher, driving her into foreclosure with Bank of America.

Bank of America has been on three sides of the coin throughout litigation, the head, the tail and the side.

The author’s long-running legal battle against Bank of America also involves a separate yet entwined second foreclosure fight vs. the bank and its proxy financial institutions U.S. Bank National Association and Nationstar Mortgage. Fresh documents have emerged in the case showing false documentation and false affidavits of mortgage assignments and subordinations in a foreclosure shell-game. U.S. Bank even named Bank of America as a defendant in the foreclosure action when Bank of American in fact actually owned and controlled two mortgages, thus masking its identity.

One Texas jury recently decided to award $5 million in damages as penalty for Wells Fargo knowingly submitting false, fabricated “chain of title” paperwork in a foreclosure case.

News reports show that juries seated on recent court cases against Big Banks have declared, no, banks cannot continue to escape paying up for the financial ruin and personal devastation they have caused. Triers of fact and legal rulings have shelled out a healthy heaping of actual compensatory damages and punitive damages punishment against the bank(s) in the cases that did not reach settlement before a jury award.

National banking expert Catherine Ghiglieri has been designated to provide key expert witness testimony in Fisher’s epic David vs. Goliath fight against defendant Bank of America and the related case involving U.S. Bank and Nationstar.

Ghiglieri is a nationally known expert witness on unsound banking practices and procedures, bank policies and regulator processes. She was the plaintiff’s expert witness in case against TD Bank that resulted in a $67 million jury verdict against the bank, one of the largest awards in the history of banking litigation.

A recent Gallup poll concerning the shifting landscape for financial institutions points out Americans still haven’t forgiven the banks for the role they played in creating the financial crisis. “It’s still cool to hate banks,” the article says, and bankers.

Even though it’s been eight years since the onset of the worst financial crisis in American history since the Great Depression, lawsuits filed around the nation reflect that not only do homeowners and consumers detest Bank of America — for their role in the country’s economic meltdown — investors do, too.

Fisher began to document her real-life litigation saga on YouTube in 2012. Another eye-opening personal message dispatch has just posted for the audience who follow her long ordeal: Bank of America Mortgage Shell-game Conspiracy Secrets and Lies!

Fisher’s most recent video is the first new update on court proceedings in nearly two years and was released one day before her recent foreclosure court victory against Bank of America.

Fisher’s attorneys Patrick W. Maraist and Michael Vader of the Ticktin Law Group defeated Bank of America’s hard-fought opposition to Fee Entitlement on the bank’s one foreclosure case, dismissed in 2014 with Fisher as the prevailing party. The judge listened to Maraist and Vader’s additional arguments and ruled from the bench to grant Fisher’s Motion for Fee Entitlement, determining that the bank is liable for attorney fees and costs and a trial proceeding to recover fees may proceed.

Most do not have the wherewithal or fortitude for a protracted legal fight against banks in a court of law, but Fisher has long proved her mettle.

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