Federal Lawsuit filed by former JAG Officer to enjoin the construction of a samesex civil rights monument at Stonewall in Greenwich Village Park for violating The First Amendment Establishment Clause

(PR NewsChannel) / May 23, 2016 / NEW YORK 

PR NewsChannel Chris SevierChris Sevier, a former Army Judge Advocate General and U.S Prosecutor, filed a lawsuit in Federal Court in Manhattan to enjoin the Department of the Interior, the Director of the National Park Service, President Obama and others from erecting a same-sex marriage civil rights monument at Stonewall in Greenwich Park that is set to coincide with the gay pride march.  Sevier argues that the Federal government’s attempts to codify gay marriage, gay civil rights, transgender rights and “a gay monument” violates the establishment clause of the 1st amendment.

Policies and laws that assert that people are born homosexual due to immutable traits involve “naked assertions” that are “implicitly religious” and amount to a set of unproven faith based assumptions founded in the religion of “post-modern individual relativism.” Sevier points to studies showing that there is no evidence of a “gay gene” and asserts that it takes a lot of religious faith to believe that “people are born gay” or “transgender.”

According to Sevier, many rational thinking Americans who do not want to check their brain at the unexamined assumption of the superiority of our cultural moment have the fundamental right to disagree, but it is impossible to disagree with a statue. He asserts that for the Federal Government to use federal funds to erect a LGBT civil rights monument on federal grounds, tells everyone in the country that they are now under the thumb of the religion of moral relativism and that they are obligated to pay homage to the plausibility of “gay religious dogma.”  Sevier asserts that pro-gay laws are themselves sexually exploitative because of the bad influence they have on the impressionable youth, while being subversive to human flourishing advancing that pro-gay policies rub with the “truth about who we are” and “the way things are.”

In his lawsuit, Sevier goes a step further and asserts that the gay civil rights movement would amount to an all-out assault on the civil rights movement of the 1960’s.  Although a person can go from “gay to straight, to bi-sexual, to polygamous, to bestiality, and back to straight,” they cannot go from “black to white, to brown, to yellow, to red and back to black again,”  Sevier says that to compare the two plights is an act of extreme dishonest hate where the ends do not justify the means.

Furthermore, Sevier asserts that the gay civil rights movement is unconstitutional because it is under inclusive when it comes to other non-obvious classes of sexual orientation. A gay civil rights monument would not include “man-woman marriage” nor “man-machine, man-animal, and man-multi-person marriages.” Either all persons have an individual, personal choice, existing right, and fundamental right to marriage or the entire gay plight amounts to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated on society in the history of American Jurisprudence.”  Sevier has revived an ongoing controversy in which Justice Kennedy called all Americans who do not believe in the gay religious ideology “bigots” in Windsor; and Justice Scalia called the relativist Government officials in office a “threat to Democracy” in Obergefell.  Both Justices advance world views that cannot be right. One is removed from reality and a threat to liberty.

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