When comparing press release distribution services, this one comes out on top

PR NewsChannel best bang for the buck, according to new analysis
(PR NewsChannel) / May 2, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

press release writingAccording to a new chart analysis that compares top press release distribution services, PR NewsChannel, the press release newswire and content syndicator, lands on top of the competition when it comes to offering the biggest bang for the buck.

The chart compares the press release distribution services for: distribution to top news outlets, inclusion in major search engines, web distribution/syndication, free editorial review and press release writing services.

Not only does PR NewsChannel charge on average of $100 less per press release ($149 for the basic press release), but it offers something the others do not: free editorial review and editing. (See table below.)

“This is a big differentiator for PR NewsChannel–we not only review each press release to make sure it meets certain basic standards for our newswire, but will recommend ways to make it clearer and crisper,” says Adam Farragut, a project manager at the press release distribution company and content syndicator PR NewsChannel. “It’s like having an extra set of eyes examining your press release. No one else does that.”


PR NewsChannel PR Web PR Newswire
Price $149 $249 $299
Distribution to top news outlets Optional add-on via Associated Press or email starting at only $40 more No. This package runs $369 minimum No
Inclusion in major search engines Yes Yes Yes
Web distribution/syndication Large guaranteed syndication Large guaranteed syndication Large guaranteed syndication
FREE editorial review Yes; for grammar plus suggestions for changes to make PR better, crisper No No
Press release writing Yes; additional fee Yes, additional fee No


PR NewsChannel is a global online content syndicator and email press release newswire created by journalists. PR NewsChannel is for companies trying to break through the noise and get noticed.

compare press release distribution servicesPR NewsChannel makes it possible for companies and public relations professionals to present news to the public exactly as they want it–without relying on any gate-keeping reporters. The press release distribution company distributes your news to the search engines and a long list of syndicators so the public sees it first-hand–and unfiltered. And we also distribute the news via email to top news outlets globally.

“We’re the choice of so many companies because we’re affordable, effective and offer unparalleled customer support,” adds Farragut.

We maintain a huge database of constantly updated news contacts from around the U.S., Canada and the world so we can send a press release to the media via email at any time of day or night. We also have built an extensive and powerful online syndication network that enables us to harness the power of the Internet. We offer a variety of press release distribution options.

When you distribute a press release via PR NewsChannel you have the power to reach billions of people worldwide.

PR NewsChannel began in 2007 after taking a hard look at the press release distribution industry. The company found that the perceived industry leaders failed to pay enough attention to quality. They appeared to be more interested in volume. And they were geared to the largest of the companies that have already made names for themselves. But what about the others, still working to break through? And that’s how PR NewsChannel made a name for itself.

Best press release distribution service

As the press release distribution service created by former journalists, PR NewsChannel knows news and knows how to get attention.

Old school: Press release distribution is for reaching the news media.

New school: Press release distribution is for reaching the news media and consumers–potential clients and customers.

The Internet and social media have redefined how a press release can and should be used. At PR NewsChannel, we recognize that and we are leading the way.

Unlike traditional advertising where you place a message and you hope the person comes to where the message is, by using key words and phrases in a press release, your press release finds them.

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