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'Hollywood’s top performance sports and rejuvenation medicine expert finds strength, inspiration in fatherhood' profiles Dr. Rand McClain, D.O. from Santa Monica, Calif.
(PR NewsChannel) / March 30, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 
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Featured on DADDYHOOD: Dr. Rand McClain, D.O. and his daughter Georgia.

Dr. Rand McClain, D.O., a top performance sports and rejuvenation medicine expert, is featured in DADDYHOOD, the free online magazine for dads.

From his office in chic Santa Monica, he and his team provide patients with personalized and comprehensive medical services so that patients reach their optimal level of health and recovery. But it is fatherhood and family where he derives his inspiration.

Excerpt of article on DADDYHOOD:

“Celebs will wind through the Hollywood Hills and battle L.A. traffic just to get in front of him.

Make no mistake, Dr. Rand McLain, D.O., a sports and rejuvenation medicine expert, loves his patients more than Donald Trump loves his millions of voters.

But, more than anything, his inspiration in life is not his impressive list of A-list actors he sees or the top class CEOs he coaches. It is family and fatherhood.

“I happen to be a doctor also. I happen to do sports medicine and rejuvenation and anti-aging, but foremost I am a dad to my daughter and my two stepsons.”

The kids are no longer little. They’re teenagers. His daughter is 16. One of his stepsons is also 16 and the other 19.

For a time, he was a single dad, juggling all the responsibilities on his own.

“When you are a single dad you are the mom and the dad. So I spent a lot of time with my daughter and that was a blessing. And I think we bonded better because of it.”

His single dad years were different than most. Just six years old at the time, his daughter’s biological mother was out of the picture dealing with an illness. As he juggled life and going to medical school at Western University in Pasadena, he literally would sleep in his car because driving back home was just not an option.

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