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Because reputation is the key, distribute a press release three times for the price of one with 'Three Times the Charm U.S. Distribution Package'
(PR NewsChannel) / February 1, 2016 / TAMPA, Fla. 

deal-of-the-month-300x218The global press release newswire PR NewsChannel today released its February Deal of the Month: an offer to distribute a single press release three times for the price of one.

“Often when you’ve got a new product, new website, new book or new business it takes repetition to BREAK THROUGH to get the attention you deserve,” says Adam Farragut from PR NewsChannel, the press release distribution newswire. “This deal brings repetition, and the ability to send a press release, at a huge savings.”

So the press release newswire is urging businesses to think THREE, as in the“Rule of Three” to distribute a press release.

The Rule of Three helps people remember things. Think three blind mice. Three little pigs. I came, I saw, I conquered. One, two, three.

You’ve got three act plays. Three strikes you are out. Location, location, location.

Three Little Pigs. Three Stooges. Three Blind Mice.

Oh, and the list goes on…

Given the Rule of Three, why should we expect that journalists will act on a press release the first and only time they see it? And that’s why PR NewsChannel created Three Times the Charm PR™ for a $695, and a savings of hundreds of dollars to make it easy, affordable and effective to send a press release.

What comes with the PR NewsChannel Three Times the Charm U.S. Distribution Package:

Your press release distributed online and to our vast syndication network ONE time.
Instead of sending your press release ONE time to journalists across the U.S., PR NewsChannel will send journalists the same press release THREE TIMES.
It will be spaced over a month. So you won’t be hounding them. But offering friendly reminders each time the press release is sent. (Journalists need a little push sometimes…)
And it gets better: It costs less that what you’d pay to send two press releases!
So to repeat: You’ll be sending the same press release THREE times for less than the cost of sending two press releases!

“Think of the possibilities,” says Farragut.


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