New report finds phishing attacks more frequent, complex

Highlights critical need for cybersecurity software, expert says
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Bravatek-company-logoBravatek (OTCQB: BVTK), the company behind Ecrypt One, a full service cybersecurity email system designed to protect the information flow of the most security-conscious organizations, today responded to a just-released report that shows phishing attacks are not only on the rise, but becoming more difficult to prevent.

“Our new Ecrypt One cybersecurity email solution was developed precisely to thwart phishing,” says Thomas A. Cellucci, PhD, MBA, Chairman of Bravatek Solutions, Inc. “Our Ecrypt One email product includes significant innovations in the area of anti-phishing, including whitelisting, sandboxing of external users and transformation of email and email attachments to prevent the most common phishing attacks.”

Phishing is an attempt to gain access to private information such as usernames, passwords, and credit card details. Criminals often do that by masquerading as trustworthy entities through email.

According to a report from Wombat Security, phishing attacks are becoming more complex and increasingly more difficult to ward off.

At the ShmooCon hacker convention held in Washington, D.C. earlier this month, the CTO of Praesidio, a speaker at the convention, exposed a phishing vulnerability for users of the password manager LastPass, which allows even a non-skilled attacker to steal a customer’s entire profile because it exposes everything about them and their company in LastPass to the attacker.

Sean Cassidy says he received a strange notification after he followed a link embedded inside an email. He says he immediately notified the company, but LastPass downplayed the risk it posed.

“The security industry’s view of phishing is naive at best, negligent at worst,” Cassidy reportedly told the crowd. “Phishing is the most dominant attack vector and is used by everyone… We need anti-phishing techniques built into more software.”

Cellucci says the report, and Cassidy’s experience, validates Ecrypt One in a very practical way.

“The OPM attack is a recent, high-profile example of a phishing attack,” says Cellucci. “We’ve been saying this for a long time. And the fact that the attacks are getting harder to prevent underscores the need to protect against phishing.”

A true whitelist system, Ecrypt One is focused on PREVENTION, not detection.

Ecrypt One is a direct replacement for conventional secured email systems consisting of an email server – such as Microsoft Exchange – bundled with email security products and services. Ecrypt One delivers the security as a software appliance so companies can install it on their preferred server hardware.

Organizations interested in learning more about Ecrypt One and its anti-phishing technology can go to and sign up for a free trial on a pre-built server at Amazon’s AWS Marketplace (

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