What is sex therapy for men and how do you know if you need it

Social media has distorted the definition of sex therapy. It’s time to separate myths from facts
(PR NewsChannel) / January 8, 2016 / CLEARWATER, Fla. 
sex therapy

Sex therapy can help men understand what is normal and what is not, which can be very freeing, says Dinar Sajan, MD from Health and Psychiatry in Clearwater.

Before Viagra, men lined up at the psychiatrists office for treatment for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sexual desire. But even with Viagra, seeing a psychiatrist should still be an option for men who have low sexual desire, experience painful sex, erection issues or other problems with a partner, experts say.

Some research studies have found that men who saw a sex therapist for 12 weeks—either online or in person—reported positive progress compared those who did not.

“Sex therapy isn’t just for guys who have had prostate cancer,” says Clearwater psychiatrist, Dinar Sajan, MD from Health and Psychiatry. “Sex is often taboo so understanding what is normal and what is not can be very freeing for men. It relieves anxieties that may be exacerbating the issue.”

Health & Psychiatry offers sex therapy services by practitioners who have clinical expertise and who are comfortable and knowledgeable about sexual health and sexual therapy.

Sex therapy is a specialized area of psychotherapy that focuses directly on the physical, health, and emotional issues of human sexuality.

“Sex therapy for one individual can often benefit both partners. Education is a prime approach in sex therapy, and frequently this is all that is needed to resolve a sexual concern,” says Dr. Sajan from her office in Clearwater.

Dr. Sajan says if a sexual problem persists for an extended period of time, is impacting the relationship, you are feeling guilty or ashamed, or sex has become painful instead of pleasurable, these are red alerts for men that they need to call a psychiatrist and seek help.

But make no mistake, sex therapy is likely not at all what some have made it out to be.

“Social media can distort the practice of sex therapy by portraying it as an exotic form of treatment, thereby dissuading individuals from getting the real help that they need,” says Sajan. “Rest assured that at Health & Psychiatry, you will be treated with professional, caring approaches. After the initial psychosocial assessment, referrals will be made for individuals who would be more appropriate for another type of service.”



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