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It’s the story of Kevin Foo who has done what others would consider impossible, dangerous and improbable: developing mines in very remote locations—in constant search of the Holy Grails of mining.

Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr., often shortened to “Indy”, is the title character of the Indiana Jones franchise. George Lucas created the character who is famously played by Harrison Ford.

Excerpt from DADDYHOOD:

Kevin Foo, real life Indiana Jones, and family (COURTESY: KEVIN FOO)

Kevin Foo, real life Indiana Jones, and family (COURTESY: KEVIN FOO)

Foo is Executive Chairman of the Victoria Oil and Gas, which is a significant supplier of industrial natural gas to Douala, the main city of Cameroon in Central Africa. Having lived and worked on five continents, Foo has earned the title of Indiana Jones of the mining industry.

The dangers to miners themselves are well known: Gas explosions, underground rock collapses, chemical leaks, electrocution and fires. And Foo, as the manager, has had to deal with that from the C-Suite.

Mining in some difficult parts of world brings significant challenges, and over his career, Foo has confronted most of them.

A metallurgical engineer by trade, Foo first began exploring extreme mining opportunities in 1990. It began in Kazakhstan when it was still a state in the Soviet Union and over the arc of his interest period the Soviet Empire collapsed.

“Mines, mills and smelters that had powered the Soviet Union were for sale at fractions of pennies on the dollar. Massive iron ore mines and coal mines to feed the steel industry were lying dormant, huge copper deposits, lead, zinc, manganese and gold mines were there for the taking,” remembers Foo.

Though he was supposed to be focused on managing a Bolivian tin mining project for a company called Minproc, the potential that Kazakhstan represented consumed him. Foo thought it was literally a gold mine. But his bosses could not see the opportunity and brutally let him know it.

“In summer of 1992, on my way to Kazakhstan I was at Kennedy airport in New York when I was paged. I had never been paged at an airport before, so I went to the counter and picked up the phone. It was the Managing Director of Minproc calling me from Australia,” remembers Foo. “He was agitated and abusive and the message was that I was the manager of the Bolivian project and was to abandon these crazy Kazakhstan adventures and do my job properly. I told him that the opportunities in Kazakhstan far outweighed the Bolivian project and I wanted to carry on to Kazakhstan. He said that if I got on the plane I would be fired. I did and I was!”

When Foo returned to his office in Denver, Colo. the situation would take another turn.

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