Incarcerated actor Steve Comisar calls upon Steven Spielberg for a little help after release

(PR NewsChannel) / December 14, 2015 / BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. 

Steve ComisarBefore going to prison for fraud, actor Steve Comisar appeared in many movies, TV shows, and commercials. Next year he will be released from federal prison after serving 15 years. Comisar would like to once again act in movies, but how is he going to accomplish this?

Enter Steven Spielberg, probably the most powerful man in Hollywood. Comisar has recently asked Spielberg to give him some assistance in the form of acting roles in his upcoming films.

Comisar says, “The closed mouth doesn’t get fed. I’m hoping that Mr. Spielberg will find it in his heart to help me. After all, we’re both Jewish. Growing up, our family dined at his mom’s restaurant, The Milky Way, on a weekly basis. It was walking distance from our home.”

Comisar’s publicist, Laura Levine, says, “Mr. Spielberg is known to help other Jews in need, and what better a person than Steve Comisar, who’s both Jewish, and seeking help in an arena where Spielberg is king.”

Barry Freed, retired ICM agent, says, “If Steven Spielberg snaps his fingers, Steve Comisar will be acting again. It’s that simple. In our business, Jews help Jews every day. We started Hollywood and we are still the driving force.”

Comisar’s attorney, Jeremy Gordon, says, “I spoke to an iconic Jewish actor the other day. He told me that he puts his Jewish friends in his movies all the time. He said that he could easily do the same for Steve. I really think Steve is going to nail this.”

Comisar’s manager, Victor Kruglov, adds, “We have been in contact with many famous Jewish celebrities in Hollywood. They all seem willing to help. The list includes, Steven Spielberg, Adam Sandler, Ethan Coen, Ben Stiller, Seth Rogan, Ari Emanuel, Judd Apatow, Jim Toth, and Sean Penn, whose paternal grandfather was Jewish.”

Rabbi Zvi Boyarsky of the Aleph Institute, said, “Sean Penn recently risked his life to help rescue an American Jew from a notorious Bolivian prison. We gave him an honorary dinner in September at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. The favor Mr. Comisar is requesting is far easier to grant.”

Comisar has also contacted non-Jewish celebrity felons, Mark Wahlberg, Robert Downey Jr., Tim Allen, Wesley Snipes, and Danny Trejo, and asked them to help him upon release. So far, nobody has declined his request.

Comisar, 53, will reunite with his family and friends in Beverly Hills, California, after he is released next year. It’s now up to Hollywood’s A-list to step up and help give him a second chance as an actor. Comisar is welcoming help from all powerful actors, directors, producers, and agents. Everyone loves a good comeback. Hollywood’s elite can make it happen.

Laura Levine, Celebrity News

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