Labor supporters take notice as Right to Work gains steam in West Virginia

Ohio union leaders comment on continuing developments in neighboring state
(PR NewsChannel) / November 24, 2015 / COLUMBUS, Ohio 

Seal_of_West_Virginia.svgAs Kentucky’s Right to Work fight dominates the headlines, another southern state is quietly poised to become the next battleground for the divisive anti-union agenda.

In West Virginia, recent comments by prominent members of the GOP-controlled state legislature have led many experts to believe a Right to Work bill will be introduced at the start of the new year.

Last week, West Virginia House Speaker Tim Armstead and Senate President Bill Cole both expressed support for the controversial movement following an out-of-session hearing on the issue.

It’s a development that has many labor supporters preparing for a lengthy fight.

“Whether it’s in Ohio, Kentucky or West Virginia, whenever there are rumblings of Right to Work gaining steam we have to do what we can to make sure we stop it in its tracks,” says Richard Dalton, business manager for the International Union of Operating Engineers Local 18, which represents several districts in Kentucky and all of Ohio. “As the new session approaches, it’s important for union supporters in West Virginia to let their legislators know they won’t stand for Right to Work in their home state”

Right to Work laws prohibit making union dues a condition of employment and were passed in 25 states. Opponents say such laws weaken workers’ rights and will lead to lower salaries, decreased benefits and inferior working conditions.

In February, hundreds of labor supporters braved a snowstorm to protest several anti-union bills outside the Capitol building. Four days later, Sen. Cole indicated Right to Work would be stalled until the next legislative session.

Organized by West Virginia Senate Minority Leader Jeff Kessler (D-Marshall), the “Show Up, Stand Up” rally was created to give “hardworking West Virginians” the opportunity to demonstrate at the Capitol and “stand up to the West Virginia GOP’s attack on hardworking West Virginia families” to prove that state labor supporters won’t take this fight sitting down.

It remains a message that battleground states like Ohio can get behind.

“We’ll never beat this by being complacent and letting them control the narrative,” said Dalton. “By educating the public on the dangers of the issue and standing together, union supporters have the ability to let their government know they’re not going away quietly.”

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