New autobiography highlights how ‘Almost’ achieving many dreams is a success in itself

Douglas Davis’ 'Almost' tells an exciting story about chasing dreams, living life and maintaining a positive outlook
(PR NewsChannel) / October 8, 2015 / PORTLAND, Maine 

Almost by Douglas DavisFor Douglas Davis, the American Dream was something that was always worth chasing. It just so happens that he would come closer to living it more times than the rest of us.

In Davis’ autobiography, “Almost,” he tells the story of an ordinary American guy who has led anything but an ordinary life. From his humble beginnings in New York City, Davis’ extraordinary journey has led him down a road filled with entrepreneurial exploits, the ups and downs of a career in the airline industry and nearly achieving his Major League Baseball dream… twice.

From life threatening run-ins with the Mafia and playing baseball with the pros to nearly losing everything when an industry collapsed, Davis’ story is filled with the excitement and risk that can only be had when you’re giving it your all.

An exciting story filled with an eclectic mix of personal and professional adventures, at its core, “Almost” is about an average guy who had the courage to dream big.

Offering a moving look at what life can bring simply by being bold enough to follow your heart, Davis’ story provides inspiration, entertainment and most importantly, relatability, to readers from all walks of life.

Although his story is highlighted by the many dreams that were nearly realized, for Davis, the takeaway isn’t how close he came, it’s that he never let it stop him from trying again.

“Life holds no guarantees. When one road ends, there’s always a different route to be found,” says the author. “Roadblocks can and should make you angry, but they shouldn’t stop you altogether. Remember, when one dream ends, another can always begin.”

In documenting a life spent dreaming big and chasing hard, Davis’ “Almost” is proof that even life’s obstacles can lead you to where you’re meant to be.

“Almost” by Douglas Davis can be purchased on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other online retailers.

About the author: Douglas Alexander Davis was born on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, in a tenement neighborhood which at the time was mostly populated by Russian, Polish and Ukrainian first and second generation immigrants.   Extremely bright and creative but not especially interested in academics, Davis dutifully fulfilled the expectation that he would follow his blue-collar roots, but had bigger dreams. Those dreams put him close to being drafted into Major League Baseball (twice), to great success in opening a nightclub, a retail business, a children’s party franchise, a take-out “Taste of New York” in Maine, and as well as climbing from a baggage handler position to airline management over a three decade airline career. Davis, now retired, lives in Windham, Maine, with his wife, Deb, where they ski, snowmobile, enjoy boating, and love the life they’ve built together, with occasional trips to New York City to tap into the energy that is in his DNA.

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