Expert defines gravity, explains why E=MC2 is wrong

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Back in 1687, Principia was published by Sir Isaac Newton stating his understanding about the enigma of moving bodies. He named that cryptic force, “Gravity”.

In 1915, Albert Einstein expressed his finding related to revolving stones of Universe, he seen it as “General Relativity”.

Gravity, the most dominant force of our mighty shelter i.e. universe, stays always in lime light of scientific world, but unfortunately none of us know “which force is Gravity”.

Isaac Newton himself admitted in his later publications, “It is enough that gravity does really exist and act according to the laws which we have explained, and abundantly serves to account for all the motions of the celestial bodies, and of our sea”.

The force which was playing with giant planets, understood as gravity by homo sapiens, is really “Electrostatic Force”.

The practical proves are expressed in video graphics.

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Its been seen practically light weights revolved around electrostatically charged objects and more over small gravity of practical model pulled “Apple” upside, even if Earth’s gravity was there.

Criminal acts could be controlled, if the amount of electrostatic charge is enhanced. It could pull up moving humans and vehicles from streets.


Mass turns itself into energy, the ebullient thought that is driving human interest, for more than a century. In 1905, for the very first time human consciousness was made familiar with this thought by Albert Einstein when he published his scientific papers on “Electrodynamics of moving bodies”, where he stated the most famous equation of scientific history E=MC2 .

It means 50 grams of empty plastic bottle, can power 113 million homes for a year. Plot 50 grams for “M” in equation, multiply it with square of light’s speed you will get the Energy.

This absurd realty even forced Albert Einstein. When he talked about the practical possibilities of his equation, he revealed ” Its like shooting birds in the darkness in a country, where number of birds are very few”.

Energy rather depend on masses of two colliding bodies and their respective velocities.

Mathematically, E = M1 V1 X M2 V2

Only applies if masses are moving in opposite directions.

Where M1 M2 are masses of two rivalry stones and V1 V2 are their respective velocities.

Light weight with low velocity will generate weak energy and Vice versa.

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