Crisis manager: Dr. Walter Palmer deserves PR representation

Blog post counters new 'PRWeek' survey that shows nine out of 10 PR practitioners would walk the other way Crisis expert Glenn Selig: 'As a PR industry we need to stand up. If not for cases like Dr. Palmer, what are we around for?'
(PR NewsChannel) / August 19, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 
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Crisis management expert Glenn Selig, founder of the crisis communications firm The Publicity Agency, appears live on ITV News in Great Britain. (Jan. 06, 2015)

Despite a new survey that shows nearly 90-percent of PR practitioners would run the other way if the Minnesota dentist accused of killing Cecil the lion called, The Publicity Agency, a leading national public relations firm, published a blog post from its chief strategist that argues why Dr. Walter Palmer deserves PR representation.

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“Like a defense attorney who is hired to represent a client in the courtroom, I represent clients in the court of public opinion,” writes Glenn Selig, an experienced crisis manager who has handled high-profile cases and appears on TV as a commentator. “And right now I believe Dr. Palmer needs help. And deserves that help. Isn’t that what it’s all about? Or do we, as an industry, take the position, yes that’s what it’s about, but only when it isn’t controversial.”

According to an online survey by PR Week, nearly 9 out of 10 PR people won’t touch him or the case. PR Week asked readers whether they’d “rep the dentist who killed Cecil the lion” and the overwhelming majority of those who answered said they’d turn him away.

“The PR community has been in universal agreement that this crosses an ethical line,” the magazine reports. “Many believe no amount of PR can fix the damage caused by Palmer’s own actions.”

Dr. Walter Palmer has been in hiding since the shooting of Cecil the lion went public. Yesterday, the beleaguered doc re-opened his dental practice but without him.

The first photographs of Dr. Walter Palmer since the killing also emerged.

“When people’s reputations are at stake, I believe they deserve vigorous representation,” says Selig. “It’s bad enough Nancy Grace and other pundits are passing judgment without due process. As a PR industry we need to stand up. If not for cases like Dr. Palmer, what are we around for?”

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