D.C. lobbyist who tried banning openly gay players in NFL forms exploratory committee for presidential run

Jack Burkman could become first candidate to go from lobbyist to politician, instead of the other way around The former Fox News political analyst says current GOP candidates are not conservative enough and ‘remain silent in the face of moral catastrophe’ Burkman says the moral fiber of the U.S. is at stake during this presidential election.
(PR NewsChannel) / July 20, 2015 / WASHINGTON 

jack headshotSaying that the declared Republican candidates for President are meek and not conservative enough, top D.C. lobbyist Jack Burkman, who last fall led a massive effort to ban gays in the NFL, says he has formed an exploratory committee and is considering a run for President of the United States himself.

If he does throw in his hat, Burkman would become the first candidate to go from lobbyist to politician instead of the other way around. Burkman was ranked as the top lobbyist in 2014 by “The Hill,” a DC-based politically-focused newspaper

An arch conservative and former political analyst for Fox News, Burkman says he has more Washington experience than any of the current GOP candidates. As a top lobbyist, Burkman has been at the forefront of over 90 percent of major policy debates since 1993. He’s been a leading player in defense, energy, health care, appropriations, transportation and banking.

“A culture war for the heart and soul of the nation is erupting all around like a volcano but the current candidates are so afraid of the liberal media outlets like CNN and ABC that they remain silent in the face of moral catastrophe,” says Burkman. “The time has come for a completely unafraid candidate.

Burkman says the GOP field lacks that candidate.

“Last week it was the Confederate flag and the GOP candidates either dodged the issue or joined liberals in blaming the flag for one man’s evil. The candidates were too scared of the liberal media to speak up and face ridicule,” says Burkman. “Every week brings another issue and there needs to be a Conservative voice willing to stand up even it means taking hits from the liberal media.”

Last fall, when NFL’s first openly gay player was drafted and celebrated by the public and the media, Burkman led a moral crusade and pushed a bill that would have banned openly gay players in professional sports on moral grounds.

In 2002, Burkman led the charge to free kidnapped girls from Saudi Arabia when the Saudi king blocked their release. Burkman, an attorney, represented Pat Roush, a San Francisco nurse whose estranged Saudi Arabian national kidnapped their children and fled to his home country.

Burkman says the moral fiber of the U.S. is at stake during this presidential election and needs a candidate with more legislative experience, a trait Burkman feels is heavily missing from the current field.

“We’ve become a country where not only do we celebrate sex changes by former athletes but anyone who says anything that isn’t 100 percent supportive is ostracized by the media,” says Burkman. “What happened to morals and why is it no longer okay to want a country with morals and character. It should be okay and someone needs to be standing up and saying so.”

Though there are already 15 candidates who have officially announced, with more expected, Burkman says there’s room for someone like him: a true, outspoken and experienced Conservative.

“The fact that Donald Trump is running second in New Hampshire shows how wacky the GOP field is currently,” says Burkman. “Trump is a joke. And the fact he is polling well is pathetic.”

Burkman says he’ll decide within the next few weeks whether he’ll jump in.

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