Book press releases: It takes more than just a book press release template to succeed

Success from a book press release takes thoughtful writing for humans and search engines Besides the book press release writing, PR distribution is critical
(PR NewsChannel) / July 16, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 

It takes more than just a book press release template for a book press release to succeed.

CreateSpace, one of the largest self-publishing companies and a division of Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), discontinued its press release writing and press release distribution service. So, if you’re an author, you’re on your own.

Though CreateSpace, on a page titled “Book press release templates,” says “book press releases are an essential component of any book marketing campaign,” CreateSpace does not offer authors that PR and marketing service. Instead it directs authors to a press release writing template.

“We wholeheartedly believe in the power of book press releases if they are crafted well and distributed to the right places,” says Glenn Selig, founder of PR NewsChannel, the press release newswire and content syndicator. “Book press releases are a great way to promote your new book directly to consumers who might buy it and to members of the media who might cover it.”

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After CreateSpace “retired” book press release writing and book press release distribution in 2013, PR NewsChannel began marketing its services straight to CreateSpace authors.

PR NewsChannel took the direct approach when it came to marketing to CreateSpace authors looking to write and distribute a book press release.

In a press release headlined “Book press release distribution: PR NewsChannel tells CreateSpace authors ‘We want your business’” PR NewsChannel told CreateSpace authors that “We want to distribute your book press release.”

“Press releases are surging in popularity and work beautifully with social media and online penetration,” Selig said at the time in that press release on book press release distributon. “I travel the country teaching companies how to leverage press releases. When done right, they can be an enormously successful vehicle. So I am glad we can offer book press release distribution services to CreateSpace customers.”

Experience with Book Press Releases

PR NewsChannel is intimately familiar with CreateSpace. The company has literally written and distributed hundreds of press releases for CreateSpace authors who independently selected PR NewsChannel to write and/or distribute their press releases.

“We love hearing from authors and their success stories,” says Selig. “They tell us about the traffic their getting to their websites, the media coverage they received or how the press release itself gets before consumers who end up buying their book.”

For authors who do not have a book press release already written, the newswire offers professional press release writing and press release creation services. A PR NewsChannel staff writer will craft a book press release that is search engine optimized and is also ready for distribution to members of the media.

“We won’t ask you to fill out a questionnaire,” says Tyler Ragghianti, project manager at PR NewsChannel ( “We will interview the author just like a reporter would. We go above and beyond to get the story so it resonates.”

PR NewsChannel also offers other creative, out of box solutions and programs for promoting a book press release.

The newswire says when it comes to book press releases, experience is vital to achieving success.

For CreateSpace and other authors interested in book press release distribution or book marketing services, please visit or phone 888-399-5534 to speak to a PR journalist.

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