Magpi mobile app brings ‘green’ data collection and communication to Groundwork Denver

Global leader in mobile data collection helps environmental non-profit improve tracking and measurement of conservation efforts
(PR NewsChannel) / July 7, 2015 / WASHINGTON 

magpi_logoMagpi is helping the environmental organization Groundwork Denver be a little bit greener and lot more efficient. Using Magpi’s mobile data collection app – the first of its kind with over 42,000 users worldwide – Groundwork Denver team members can now go ‘paperless’ when collecting field data about the environmental revitalization and conservation work they do; everything from planting trees and cleaning up streams, to gardening, building playgrounds, and habitat restoration. More Magpi and less paper use means Groundwork Denver is doing its own part to contribute to a ‘green’ environment.

Magpi’s mobile technology provides easy data collection, communication, and collaboration in the field – wherever that may be. It lets users create mobile forms and messaging applications, and then send those to any cell phone, smart phone or tablet. For Groundwork Denver’s Green Team – their youth employment and education program – project supervisors can collect real-time data on their cell phones.20150616_122245

For Groundwork farm supervisors for example, that means more precise tracking of 6,000 tomato plants that the team is planting. Magpi makes it easier to plan out on a mobile device, using specific forms, what needs to be accomplished each day of the project without lugging around notebooks and files.

“It’s definitely nice and tangible to see what we’ve done,” says Shane Wright, Youth Program Director for Groundwork Denver. “With Magpi to help us collect data during our projects, we actually know how many tomatoes or trees we planted, and can document the progress and the outcome. It’s really streamlined the process and we’re able to catch a lot of things that were slipping by us before.”

Since Groundwork Denver began using Magpi last year to support some 38 environmental projects in the Denver metro area, Wright says they’ve seen significant improvement in the amount and accuracy of information they collect.

“This will be our best year of data collection,” says Wright. “In the past I used a calendar and my ‘chicken scratch’ notes which was less than good data collection; I often had to go back and guesstimate. But with Magpi our outputs are much higher. Now we can code, share our progress, and build surveys based on our reporting requirements. This helps with annual and quarterly reporting because we can say exactly how much we accomplished.”

And no matter what area of the city a project is in, Magpi is reliable. Even in areas where cell phone reception and Internet connectivity can be poor, Magpi is effective. “We like the fact that our team can collect data whether tlogo_over_leaves_squarehey have an Internet connection or not,” says Wright. “We’re already helping our fellow Groundwork Trusts grow their capacity to capture and track their outputs and impact using Magpi technology.”

“We are very proud to partner with Groundwork Denver and to see Magpi’s impact in helping them reach their goals,” said Rose Donna, COO of Magpi. “Groundwork Denver’s success demonstrates yet again how useful Magpi is across sectors, and in demanding environments.”

Groundwork Denver teams consist of young people ages 12-24; the majority are high school age and are recruited from Denver public schools to apply. Each Green Team has 8-11 members and a project leader. Project leaders use Magpi to collect data as part of their leadership role.

About Magpi
With Magpi, organizations can experience the full benefits of mobility: real-time data collection and syncing, dramatic time savings, and improved data quality, all while removing paper from the process. Magpi also enables anyone to quickly and affordably create mass SMS or voice messaging campaigns in any language from an easy-to-use web interface, without having to work through the carriers – and without breaking the bank.

About Groundwork Denver
The mission of Groundwork Denver is to bring about the sustained improvement of the physical environment and promote health and well-being through community-based partnerships and action. We create collaborations among community and non-profit organizations, local government, businesses, and residents to improve the physical environment, while enhancing neighborhood assets and fostering community involvement and leadership. We foster environmental justice by providing expertise and education on environmental health issues, providing opportunities for residents to develop environmental leadership and job skills, and improving the physical environment in low-income communities.

About Groundwork USA
Groundwork USA is a national organization with local roots, engaging local businesses, residents and government officials to revitalize neighborhoods and transform community liabilities into community assets. Groundwork USA was established in 2003 to provide network-wide exchange of best practices, templates and peer support among its now 21 locally-based affiliates. Groundwork Trusts are based in small “legacy” cities, in underserved neighborhoods within larger cities, and also in rural communities.

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