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Innovative and optimized keyboard eases text entry on smartwatches, smartphones, tablets, and wearables
(PR NewsChannel) / June 15, 2015 / SAN FRANCISCO 

exideasPR1Exideas, the creator of innovative touchscreen keyboards, today released its iOS version of MessagEase for iPhone and iPad. MessagEase is already available for Android and enjoys a users-generated rating of 4.4 stars on Google Play, Google’s Android Store.

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“We are pleased with the tremendous users response we have received on Android so far,” said Saied Nesbat, PhD, Founder and CEO of Exideas. “After a few days of using MessagEase, most found it indispensable and said they would never go back to the QWERTY keyboard on their mobile devices. We are excited about MessagEase providing a similar transformative experience for iPhone, iPad, and eventually Apple Watch users. ”

Optimized for touchscreens and based on a proprietary and patented letter arrangement, MessagEase is designed for faster and easier full text input experience on smartwatches, smartphones and tablets; it also enables full text entry on fabrics and wearables.

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“Our users have overwhelmingly confirmed that MessagEase’s modest learning curve is well worth their gain in ease and speed,” said Sherry Williams, Marketing Director of Exideas, “To further facilitate their adoption, we have included three sets of learning games as part of our iOS package for iPhones and iPads.”

exideasPR2MessagEase keyboard eschews the antiquated QWERTY design and sports fewer, larger keys. The core of its design is a 3×3 matrix for entering all letters and characters; it uses taps for entering the nine most frequent letters, and directional drags (slides) for entering less frequent characters. The result is a powerful, flexible and adaptable design that works very effectively on a smartwatch as well as on larger screens of iPads and tablets. MessagEase’s compact design makes text entry on any touch-sensitive area—including touch-sensitive fabrics—quite efficient, opening full text potentials for wearable devices.exideasPR3


About Exideas: Exideas is a privately-held software development company and the leading developer of UI technologies to ease input on touchscreen devices. For more information visit

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