Award-winning author William H. Coles offers website helping fiction writers master storytelling craft welcomes over a million and half visitors per year, providing visitors with the tools they need to write well-crafted, literary fiction
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Award-winning author William H. Coles

Award-winning author William H. Coles

For award-winning author William H. Coles, writing a novel is an art form, a process that should produce pleasure for readers.

His unique philosophy on teaching and writing is based on his belief that academics have failed to teach enticing literary fiction. Concerned with the quality of contemporary fiction, Coles created a website designed to educate writers who are interested in the art of creating literary fiction and storytelling. welcomes over a million and half visitors per year and provides writers with the tools they need to construct well-crafted, character-based, literature.

“My website benefits writers by giving them the resources to learn and assignments to practice to tell stories in prose,” said Coles. “At the core of the learning experience are thirty essays I created to understand specific aspects of fiction writing like character, dialogue, setting, conflict, drama, and narration. These essays are read by more than a hundred thousand students a year; Dialogue is viewed by more than fifty readers a day and is valued for examples and specific references, many to my popular short stories with distinct dialogue characteristics.”

Coles finds dialogue is one of the most difficult modes of fiction for writers to achieve. Success takes practice and Coles provides a series of exercises in his online workshop to master the skill of dialogue writing.

In addition to essays, Coles has also incorporated more than 30 interviews with editors of literary journals, a Pulitzer Prize winner, authors, and storytellers of many genres. .The interviews focuses on writing stories well, using traditionally successful great stories as examples.

“Most writers today believe they can write effective fictional stories with the education they’ve achieved. But that’s not sufficient,” said Coles. ”Writing great fictional stories requires dedication and lifelong learning. Writers must write clear, effective prose and structure stories with skill and imagination, and that’s what I provide on the website.”

To help master a fiction writer’s craft, Coles provides writers with a workshop with a series of assignments and gives feedback and corrections to those who submit their work. Assignments include practicing literary scene and character development, dialogue, word choice and vision. Additionally, the award-winning author offers a tutorial on the website where he mentors aspiring writer

Coles is dismayed that the way to have great fiction recognized in today’s literary world is more difficult than it has ever been. “Main stream publishing ignores literary fiction as not profitable. Small presses who claim to publish great fiction make choices for publication on nepotism, cronyism and financial gain,” said Coles. “But the Internet has provided ways for authors to get their work read and recognized. I have been working to find most effective ways or an author to use the Internet to get work read and evaluated, and eventually be compensated.”

The award-winning author’s critically acclaimed fourth novel “Guardian of Deceit” is currently available at Amazon, Kindle, online and in audio book.  Please visit Story in Literary Fiction for more information on William H. Coles and his work.

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William H. Coles’s interest in character-based fiction with dramatic plots guided his passion for writing literary stories. He began studying fiction and attended over one hundred workshops and courses on writing. During this time, Coles developed concern with the lack of resources for learning the craft of fiction and the art of storytelling.

To address the problem, Coles created a website,, designed to educate writers who are interested in the art of creating literary fiction. The website, averaging over a million and a half visitors per year, provides visitors with writing resources including essays, interviews, examples and an interactive workshop. Additionally, his style of teaching fiction and storytelling is demonstrated in Story in Literary Fiction: A Manual for Writers, a handbook for learning and a guide for revision published by Coles that has been used by more than 25,000 readers.

Coles hopes to inspire authors and is dedicated to using the internet to provide easy access to his fiction and teachings at lowest cost to readers.

His short stories, essays, and interviews are free for online reading and download. His novels, The Surgeon’s Wife, The Spirit of Want, Guardian of Deceit, Sister Carrie and soon to be released McDowell are available in print, online, eBook, and in audio books.

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