Press release content: What essentials journalists look for from press releases

The success of a press release depends on how media members perceive your information
(PR NewsChannel) / June 11, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PR NewsChannel logoAs the media industry continues to evolve with the explosion of technology, there are some things that remain the same, namely the press release and the information journalists gather from it.

Tyler Ragghianti, project manager at PR NewsChannel, a global press release distribution newswire created by journalists, says that there are many factors that journalist’s consider when receiving a press release.

“Reporters are constantly receiving releases from public relations professionals who are eager to get their clients’ brands covered,” says Ragghianti. “It’s important that PR professionals understand that reporters are attracted to unique story ideas with appealing content.”

Paying attention to the type of news or topics reporters cover prior to sending out a release is extremely vital to the entire process. If this stage of distribution isn’t executed correctly than the entire plan won’t work.

For example: If you send a sports reporter a potential story idea having to do with medicine, it’s more than likely that any future releases coming from you will get marked down as spam.

“Appropriate targeting could make or break the success of a press release if you don’t hone in on the reporters who cover your industry or topic,” said Ragghianti. “Missing the mark on targeting could tarnish potential positive relationships with media members.”

Ragghianti adds that journalists like to see research, studies and quotes within a release.

“Research results add credibility to the information you’re trying to communicate within a release,” said Ragghianti. “Journalists also become intrigued by releases that include quotes because it shows the personality and character of a company or brand.”

It’s also important to add visual media to your releases. It’s unappealing to read an article without an image or video attached and the same goes for press releases. Including multimedia elements can increase the likelihood of your story getting picked up by media outlets.

Ragghianti says that visuals are an important element to the overall success of a press release.

“Press releases seem incomplete without visuals so utilizing multimedia content can drive better results for your client’s campaign,” said Ragghianti. “People like visuals and journalists are drawn to images, logos and videos because sometimes they can real more about a story.”

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