Movie exec’s 14-year-old ‘wonder kid’ youngest ever to graduate from Los Angeles Mission College

Adam Brown, son of InterCoast College founders Christopher and Geeta Brown, prepares to go to UCLA
(PR NewsChannel) / May 12, 2015 / LOS ANGELES 

158 Adam Brown has just become the youngest graduate in history from Los Angeles Mission College.

At an age when most young adults are freshman in high school, at the ripe age of 14-years-old Adam Brown is preparing to transfer to UCLA in the fall.

“I’m looking forward to the experience. I love the campus and I love the atmosphere at the college,” says Brown. “I’m really looking forward to the depth of the challenge itself and working with professors that are interested in what I’m excited about.”

Brown, whose parents spent more than three decades building the nationwide institution InterCoast Colleges, has been an academic standout from a young age.

Establishing his gifted nature in early childhood, a fascination with learning led him to explore college courses when he was only 8 years old.

“He was bored in elementary school and was interested in learning more and was fascinated about many subjects, especially US Government and History,” said Adam’s father Christopher Brown, Hollywood producer and executive director of InterCoast. “We initially allowed him to take one class at a time, and before we knew he had a long list of classes he wanted to take each semester.”

Since he began college at such a young age, Christopher Brown and his wife Geeta only allowed Adam to take a couple of classes a year which is why the 14-year-old is finishing his first two years of college, six years later.

“We would arrange his classes around his middle school and around his high school experiences because we wanted him to have a normal upbringing and understood the importance of his social and emotional balance,” said Christopher Brown. He attended middle school and college when he founded a non-profit organization called KidsSpeak International. The mission of the organization is to teach government and public speaking skills to young adults. Adam has traveled to different schools to encourage kids to learn more about government and community service.

DSC_1401Even though Adam has been officially accepted as a transfer student–entering UCLA as a junior—it was important to the Brown family that Adam has the life of a typical teenager.

Although a high school graduate, Adam is able to experience the high school environment through a California regulation authorizing such attendance at a public high school, so Adam was allowed to maintain a similar social routine with his friends.

It was this dedication to normalcy that helped Adam, despite often being the youngest person in the room by as much as a decade, thrive in his unique situation while ensuring his future is as bright as possible.

“This is a great step towards the future in applying to MBA programs and law schools,” said Adam Brown. “There are 100,000 students that apply to Ivy League schools that have 4.0 GPAs but there aren’t that many students who graduate from UCLA in my unique situation.”

Although Adam has kept his eye on the future, the present is what Chris and Geeta Brown are amazed at.

“Words can’t express how proud both Geeta and I are,” says Christopher Brown. “This is what he has strived for since he was 8 years old. We’re just very happy for him that it’s come to fruition.”

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