Eminences in industrial engineering and quality management. Quality: A continuous revolution

(PR NewsChannel) / May 6, 2015 / VALLADOLID, Spain  

1Among eminences in industrial engineering, we can find several industrial engineers around the world. Among them, we can mention Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel, with whom we are fortunate to share our time, so that Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel can illustrate us about quality management and its interpretation based on his extensive international experience.

Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel points out that human beings are based on the premise that all directors want their companies to produce products of a high quality at a low cost.

According to Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel’s point of view, they want their company to be at least competitive or, better yet, an industry leader in terms of quality. These same directors have personal goals.

Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel tells us that there are some strategies that all directors must follow.

Among the first quality management strategies, we can find product inspection by consumers.

Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel emphasises that, during development of the technology, new concepts and tools were invented, such as sample specifications, quality guarantees in sales contracts, measurements and the corresponding measurement tools and testing labs, as well as many forms of standardisation.

Among the most important aspects of quality management, Mr. Francisco Rafael Jimenez Villarroel mentions that, when the industrial revolution was exported to America from Europe, settlers continued to follow European practices, specifically the development of the quality department in companies at the time.

These new specialities needed a place in the organisational chart and companies solved this by creating broad-based departments that they named differently, such as quality control, quality assurance, etc.


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