Why information included in press releases can make a huge difference

Information presented in a press release is vital to its overall success
(PR NewsChannel) / April 3, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla.  

PR NewsChannel logoOne of the best ways to get your company’s news in the hands of the media is by writing and distributing press releases. Some companies employ their own content writers while others hire PR professionals.

While many businesses employ others to compose public relations writing materials, not all rely solely on outside help to get the job done.

“Anyone can write a press release. Often times we receive pre-written press releases from companies who write them themselves,” said Tyler Ragghianti, project manager at PR NewsChannel, a global press release distribution company based out of Tampa, Florida. “The problem is executing the proper style and information that will get reporters interested in your story.”

That’s where the PR pros step it. Ragghianti’s company PR NewsChannel transforms press releases from their original form into a news gold mine, fully equipped with keywords for search engine optimization (SEO) and edited to fit Associated Press (AP) style guidelines, guidelines that are followed by all journalists.

According to an article by Successful Meetings, the secret to writing a good press release has everything to do with the substance of the information you present and should follow the basic journalist standards of answering who, what, where, when and why.

Today, many PR professionals encourage companies to send them as much information as possible concerning their product, brand or event, even if they don’t have a pre-written press release.

These PR pros are keen on knowing what reporters would consider as newsworthy, Ragghianti says that companies who want their press releases written shouldn’t be shy about sharing the details.

“Any and all information helps. We are more than happy to edit pre-written releases as well as write and format them from scratch,” said Ragghianti. “The most important thing the writers should ask from a client is for the necessary information that should be included in the release.”

Important information to cover includes website links, documents, previous press releases and other news articles pertaining to the subject of the release. In addition, elaborating on what your company or brand does and including a simple list describing the main points that the release should focus on is helpful to PR professionals as well.

“Ultimately, the way you present information within a press release can make or break its overall success,” said Ragghianti. “If the information is lacking then your press release can fall flat.”

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