Why brand journalism makes for great PR

The success of brand journalism has everything to do with the writing
(PR NewsChannel) / March 27, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla.  

PR NewsChannel logoMany companies struggle with putting out information about their brand that doesn’t seem like marketing or sales-orientated content. Despite that challenge, there is a growing trend in the public relations world that has proven to be a more genuine and effective way of writing content. It’s become known as brand journalism.

Brand journalism is the reporting of information based on facts and research. Like regular or traditional reporting done by a reporter, this industry-specific content needs to have broad appeal, be readable, relatable and driven towards the audience with the goal of raising brand awareness and loyalty. It also must sound genuine.

There are many advantages that come with investing in brand journalism content. Presenting newsworthy material related to your industry or brand is good for a company’s reputation and online presence while facilitating an increase in consumer activity. The storytelling element can also bolster your PR campaign by attracting local or national news media coverage.

Tyler Ragghianti, Project Manager at PR NewsChannel, a global press release distribution newswire, says that the typical press release writing style is evolving due to brand journalism tactics.

“Now more than ever it’s about telling a story. You want to use creativity and add authenticity when writing a press release whenever it is possible,” said Tyler Ragghianti, whose company PR NewsChannel distributes lots of brand journalism content for companies around the word. “A lot of this has to do with the fact that brand journalism has become a major role in PR.”

PR NewsChannel, Ragghianti says, is a press release newswire created by former journalists that companies leverage for content marketing services. Every piece of content the newswire distributes is distributed to more than 100 top syndicator websites.

Because of the growth of the Internet, an increasing number of brands have adopted their own content writing programs to generate goodwill from the public and influence customer trust and loyalty.

According to the 2013 newsroom report by Mynewsdesk, 98 percent of surveyed businesses have their own content writers or newsrooms. This is used as a way of standing out as industry leaders and educators as brand journalism keeps site visitors and customers updated on industry trends, upcoming events and other newsworthy information.

However, 35 percent of the brands surveyed failed in their consistency with brand journalism and didn’t produce newsworthy stories frequently enough to yield positive results.

“It means there are lots of companies that have content who are looking to distribute it,” says Ragghianti.

Because the narrative of a story is what attracts readers, Ragghianti says that brand journalism campaigns are worth the extra work.

“Consumers want to read a good story, the same goes for editors and reporters,” said Ragghianti. “Consistently keeping up with brand journalism as part of your companies PR effort is the best way to grow your audience and increase visibility.”

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