Online press release campaign for authors offers promotional advantages

PR NewsChannel gives authors the benefit of using online press releases to gain publicity for their self-published book
(PR NewsChannel) / March 6, 2015 / TAMPA, Fla. 

PR NewsChannel logoIn today’s world, there is an abundance of ways in which you can promote your book but only a few will prove as effective as an online press release.

With unlimited ways to publish a book, it’s important for authors to adapt to new forms of promotion if they want their self-published book to gain notoriety.

Now more than ever, authors and publishers have the ability to increase their book’s visibility and an online press release article can give them the jumpstart they need to help their book sell.

Online press release articles utilize keywords that are associated with the book’s topic, and can be distributed online by the press release distribution company of your choice. In addition, the release will be sent to relevant reporters and media outlets.

By using keywords and the appropriate SEO terms that coincide with the books subject matter, you are optimizing your press release and increasing your rank in the search engines. A higher rank can drive traffic to your book’s website, increasing your products visibility as well as generating potential sales.

“A press release is the ultimate way to promote your book,” said Tyler Ragghianti, a project manager at PR NewsChannel. “With all of the free publicity your book will get, it truly covers all bases and will give you the biggest bang for your buck.”

Another gain authors will find when using an online press release is that it allows you to facilitate your message and control the way it’s talked about. People will start sharing content about your book on different social media platforms which is part of what will get the conversation flowing.

Knowing the advantages of online press releases can not only help you generate buzz for your book but can also help with your books sales. This is the best way to enhance your online presence and ensure that your book to reaches your target audience.

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