New book inspires readers to overcome life’s difficult times

Luong Ung-Lai’s “The Freedom…Cage II Moy” reveals how one can find the inner strength required to overcome horrific experiences
(PR NewsChannel) / January 26, 2015 / BOSTON, Mass.  

51FsojVj92LIn “The Freedom…Cage II Moy,” author Luong Ung-Lai tells a harrowing account of a childhood spent trying to survive Cambodian genocide during the Khmer Rouge regime.

This inspirational memoir begins shortly after the narrator, Moy, witnesses the painful deaths of her mother and grandfather. Forced to fend for herself at a young age in order to survive a war torn country, her story depicts a childhood full of horrific memories, from living and working in the sugarcane fields, to escaping rape and walking alone through the dark jungles of Cambodia.

Eventually making her way to the Thai border, Moy was finally given a chance of freedom and education and later made her way to America. Once there, she quickly learned that success in the states wouldn’t come easy.

Constantly bullied by her peers, Moy struggled to adjust to life abroad. However, due to her strength and determination she began to learn English, became an American citizen and graduated from the University of Massachusetts in Boston with a bachelor’s degree in both English and Philosophy, in 1996.

This gripping autobiography delves into the ugly depths of humanity while praising the power of family bonds that can never die. Throughout her experiences, it is childhood memories and her mother’s love for her that give her the strength and happiness she needed to survive the Khmer Rouge regime. With her mother’s spirit by her side, Moy always looked towards the future and eventually allowed her memories to bring her healing and closure.

“This story is about living for something even if it seems like nothing. I held onto my dreams because my mother’s spirit wouldn’t let me give up,” said Ung-Lai. “I used my inner strength, overcame life’s obstacles and made a better life for myself.”

Ung-Lai hopes that her story will empower and encourage people of all ages to overcome life’s darkest moments and to find the strength to keep going.

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About the author: Luong Ung-Lai is a Chinese American who was born in the city of Angkor in Cambodia and grew up being called by her childhood nickname, Moy. In 1977, she lost her mother and grandfather at age thirteen and was forced to survive in the midst of Cambodian genocide during the Khmer Rouge regime. Years after starting a new life for herself in America she began writing The Freedom…Cage in 1987, a memoir of her traumatic experiences in Cambodia. After working many jobs to support her education, she graduated from the University of Massachusetts in order to improve her reading, writing skills and speech. She later revisited and refined her book in order to get it published. Ung-Lai is also the author of Silver Moon, Tom Cupcake.

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