Tackling the NFL: Draft bill calls for policing the NFL, Roger Goodell

Since the NFL has failed to successfully police itself, draft bill calls for banning players accused of felonies Bipartisan support for draft bill as both ultra-conservatives and President Obama agree that Commissioner Roger Goodell dropped the ball
(PR NewsChannel) / December 15, 2014 / WASHINGTON 

nfl washingtonA draft bill would impose millions of dollars in fines on teams that refuse to discipline their players accused of drug or violent crimes.

The draft bill, which is being pushed by ultra-conservative and top lobbyist Jack Burkman, would force teams to fire any professional player charged with a violent or drug-related felony or face millions of dollars in fines.

Burkman says he’s getting bi-partisan support for the measure that would force teams to fire any professional player charged with a violent or drug-related felony or face millions of dollars in fines.

(DOWNLOAD: Draft of The American Decency Act of 2014-Part II)

“Parents are tired of explaining to their kids why a football player beats his girlfriend or is involved in a shooting and still plays football,” says Jack Burkman. “It’s absolutely outrageous that NFL teams don’t police themselves and that the NFL doesn’t do more to force them to act. But it needs to stop.”

Burkman said he agrees with President Obama and his criticism of Roger Goodell and the way Goodell has handled the issue of domestic violence.

On ESPN, the President said Roger Goodell was “winging it” when it comes to the league’s disciplinary policies on domestic violence. “The way it was handled also indicates that the NFL was behind the curve,” Obama told ESPN.

The NFL has been under fire for its handling of domestic violence.

And today is making headlines for what the league promised Adrian Peterson, who was accused of child abuse.

A Nov. 12 recording, obtained by ABC News from Peterson’s lawyers, features Peterson taking with Troy Vincent, a former player and now the league’s executive vice president of football operations, where he is promised a two game suspension. But 10 days later, Roger Goodell suspended him indefinitely.

The matter is now in court. Burkman says with a new Gallup poll showing that Americans give Congress approval ratings that averaged 15% this year, his draft bill would be popular among the public.

“People are tired of rich ball players getting away with everything from domestic abuse to murder,” says Burkman.

“Yes, the public wants players to be outstanding on the field but also set good examples off the field for the kids.

“And if Roger Goodell can’t get his house in order, which clearly he cannot, it’s time for Congress to the responsible thing: Pass a law that does it for him.”

DOWNLOAD: Draft of The American Decency Act of 2014-Part II

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