Illusion Systems continues to buck industry trends with unrivaled product development process

With products like the Black Rack Rattling System, the company continues to blaze its own trail in the hunting call industry
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(PR NewsChannel) / November 10, 2014 / ROCHESTER, Minn. 

Illusion Black RackIn an age when most companies opt for immediate results and quick profits, Illusion Systems, a hunting call company, has stood apart with its dedication to developing revolutionary products.

“We are here to provide a quality product that we would use ourselves,” said Illusion Systems founder Mike Dukart. “We purposely put as much as we do into testing and research prior to a product launch, because at the end of the day it’s about creating something we believe in.”

Continually regarded as some of the best hunting calls in the business, Illusion Systems routinely takes four years to develop and test a potential product before bringing it to market.

A large part of that process has to do with the extensive research that goes into understanding how each particular animal communicates, and each Illusion product incorporates those findings effectively.

One of the company’s signature products, the Black Rack Rattling System, is yet another example of how this dedication to quality has set them apart from the crowd.

The most revolutionary rattling system on the market, the Black Rack Rattling System offers Illusion’s exclusive Bone-Core Technology and Black Concealment in a full pair of proven and reliable racks.

The Black Rack Rattling System also follows in Illusion’s tradition of combining top-of-the-line products with educational material to revolutionize the way hunting calls are made, and used, by hunters.

“Educating our customers is just as important as providing them a top-shelf product,” said Dukart, whose latest project, “Made in America,” is designed to educate Americans on energy independence, immigration, national security and other important issues affecting the country in today’s political climate. “If a customer doesn’t know how to properly use a product, the odds of them having success are drastically reduced.”

(Watch the Black Rack Rattling System video on YouTube:

Created to offer customers a “premium line of hunting calls that utilize the most advanced technology,” Illusion Systems provides hunters with an elite tool that not only mimics how animals communicates, but teaches how to incorporate those sounds into a successful strategy.

Hunters routinely use animal calls as a way to draw out animals from the wild and into a more favorable position.

Because Illusion Systems’ recognizes the importance of understanding the communication patterns of animals, the company’s marquee products, the Extinguisher Deer Call, Black Rack Rattling System, and Quick Change Box Call, have long maintained their reputations as some of the best products on the market.

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About Illusion Systems: Illusion Systems prides itself in offering customers a premium line of hunting calls that utilize the most advanced technology currently on the market. The company’s patented marquee products, such as the Extinguisher Deer Call, Black Rack Rattling System, and Quick Change Box Call, give hunters an advantage that no other product on the market provides. Each Illusion call is put through years of rigorous field testing in an effort to ensure customers receive a proven product that will work in the field. Furthermore, all Illusion Systems products are proudly made in the U.S.A.


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