Ohio labor supporters hold Right to Work protest in Lorain

Right to Work opponents ramp up efforts against controversial GOP agenda
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(PR NewsChannel) / June 19, 2014 / COLUMBUS, Ohio 

Local 18 logoAs Right to Work fights continue across the country, Ohio labor supporters in Lorain held a protest against Right to Work legislation in Ohio earlier this week to ensure their state doesn’t succumb to the controversial legislation.

Featuring former state senators, union presidents and community leaders as speakers, the event highlighted the significant threats Right to Work legislation would bring to the state.

“It’s important that we help educate the people of this community that Right to Work is wrong,” said former state senator Sue Morano. “It’s unfair, unsafe and will cost each and every one of us, as working families, a lot.”

Echoing a sentiment long held by local advocacy group Keep Ohio’s Heritage, Morano’s statement signals an important unification of tactics between Right to Work opponents.

“Education is absolutely the key to defeating this type of legislation,” said Pat Sink, IUOE Local 18 business manager. “The more voters learn about the economical and safety related dangers of Right to Work, the more support we’ll receive.”

Sink, a veteran of Ohio’s Right to Work battle, believes that increased collaboration between labor supporters will ultimately lead to Right to Work’s downfall.

“This is an issue that unifies us all,” says Sink. “By banding together we can make sure we protect Ohio’s middle class and insure our future stays as bright as ever.”

Opponents of the recent Ohio Right to Work effort, including the “Workplace Freedom” bills, contend that the initiative’s true purpose is to kill unions and worker protections, ultimately leading to a weaker middle class.

By stripping workers of their rights and freedoms, business owners would be free to lower worker pay, reduce worker benefits and ignore worker rights.

Whether Republicans utilize “Paycheck Protection,” “Workplace Freedom,” or other Right to Work tactics, opponents remain dedicated to ensuring the voting public knows the underlying nature behind the GOP’s divisive agenda.

For more information about Right to Work in Ohio, please visit www.protectohiosmiddleclass.org

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SOURCE:  Keep Ohio's Heritage

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