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Top 5 reasons to join Congregation Mekor Shalom
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(PR NewsChannel) / April 8, 2014 / TAMPA, Fla. 

MekorShalomLogoIf holiday shopping begins with Thanksgiving, shul shopping, or synagogue shopping, begins in the spring. Now is the time in Tampa when Jews begin to look for a synagogue to which to belong. They often seek a spiritual home that is akin to a favorite vacation destination.

“Everybody wants to enjoy the time they spend away from the routine of daily life, and the synagogue can provide that kind of experience right here in town,” explains Hazzan Jodi Sered-Lever, the founding spiritual leader of Congregation Mekor Shalom in Carrollwood, which is a Conservative congregation. “Just as someone eagerly anticipates going on vacation, if the synagogue meets people where they are at, folks can be just as excited about connecting with other Jews in a nurturing, calm, and engaging spiritual community.” 

It’s with that in mind that Mekor Shalom has put together the top 5 reasons to check out Mekor Shalom in Tampa as a next synagogue destination:

1. You matter at Mekor Shalom. Tampa Bay’s newest synagogue located in Carrollwood believes that each person’s presence makes a difference in this sacred community of sacred relationships.

2. The Voluntary Financial Commitment respects you and your personal choice as to how much you are able to invest in your synagogue. No traditional dues structure, no pressure, and no discomfort.

3. The warm and cozy synagogue facility enhances the welcoming energy and the smiles that greet you as you walk through the doors. Every interaction is an opportunity for a meaningful connection.

4. A Conservative Tampa congregation that embraces diversity including multi-faith and multi-racial households, LGBT couples and families, and individuals at every age and station in life. Mekor Shalom accepts everyone and celebrates each person.

5. Engaging services, programs, and educational experiences that make you want to come back again and again. Simply put: Judaism and spirituality coming together in a big hug!

Feeling welcome and respected, not getting overcharged, calm surroundings, and positive experiences – definitely sounds like a special place for a vacation. Your spiritual home awaits you at Congregation Mekor Shalom.

For more information about Mekor Shalom in Tampa, please call 813-963-1818 or visit

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SOURCE:  Mekor Shalom

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