Biobor® EB’s 2014 Combs vs. Crochet Fan Fishing Contest

(PR NewsChannel) / March 14, 2014 / HOUSTON 


Biobor® EB officially announced the 2014 sponsorship of Bassmaster Elite Series anglers Keith Combs and Cliff Crochet in February. Now, Biobor® EB is continuing the popular fishing contest, where fans cast their votes each week on which angler will reel in the most weight per Elite tournament.

Elite Series PROs Keith Combs and Cliff Crochet will go head to head and are ready to do Biobor® Battle.  Who will walk away this season with the most weight per tournament? Who will be the lucky fan who picks the winner?

This, and more, is coming to you from the makers of Biobor® EB. 


In each Elite Series event in 2014, starting at the Dick Cepek Tires Bassmaster Elite at Lake Seminole, March 14 – 16, fans can win prizes valued at over $100 including: two 16oz bottles of Biobor® EB, a Biobor® t-shirt, Biobor® hat and a Biobor® koozie.


Fans can cast their votes at until noon on the first day of each event. Fans will need to re-enter the week of each new event during the Elite season.

The winner for each event will be the fan who predicts the highest placed finisher between the two anglers and his weight for each Elite Series event. In the case of a tie, the first person to cast their vote will win.

Both PROs will hand out 2 oz. samples of Biobor® EB to fans at each of the Elite Series events and will run Biobor® wrapped trucks and boats.

Combs and Crochet are excited about the relationship and support from Biobor® and their fans, and all expect great things for this upcoming year.

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