Kanjoya partners with Nestlé to deliver customer experience insights, analytics

Kanjoya platform selected to reveal emotional influences within Nestlé Big Data
(PR NewsChannel) / March 5, 2014 / SAN FRANCISCO 

Kanjoya Inc.Kanjoya, the pioneers of emotion-based intuitive analytics, has partnered with Nestlé to analyze and improve the customer experience  with the Häagen-Dazs® and Skinny Cow® ice cream  brands. Based on nearly a decade of innovation, Kanjoya’s cloud platform deciphers expression, emotions, behavior and intuition within big data. From social media to surveys to contact centers, Kanjoya’s perception platform takes in vast sets of rich, unstructured data, and reveals, for the first time, emotional engagement metrics that explain and predict consumer behavior.

“Our selection of Kanjoya further validates our priority and focus on creating wonderful experiences for our customers,” says Diane McIntyre, Manager of Brand Communications for Nestlé Dreyer’s Ice Cream.  “We look forward to Kanjoya’s ability to deliver rich, actionable insight.”

Kanjoya is the first company of its kind to offer a cloud-based Intuitive Analytics platform, which helps companies understand the emotional influences contributing to their community’s behaviors. This increased understanding enables more authentic relationships by identifying the emotional drivers behind consumers’ behavior.

Armen Berjikly, CEO of Kanjoya, noted: “Consumers increasingly prefer products that provide an outstanding, and emotionally engaging, experience.  The Kanjoya Perception platform enables Nestlé to accurately measure and optimize for this experience, helping ensure this iconic brand expands its market leadership position.”

The multi-channel, open-ended nature of digital communication has given audiences a larger, genuine voice, which is shared with an expectation to be heard.  As a result, organizations must find solutions to elegantly collect and analyze all this data, and most critically, hone in on key drivers of the business. Kanjoya’s Perception platform targets the customer experience, and the emotional engagement a brand must maintain and grow with its customers. Perception deciphers unstructured “big data” to provide the emotive explanations and behavioral root causes, as well as incorporating mechanisms to prescribe action.

About Kanjoya, Inc.: Kanjoya, Inc. is the leader in Intuitive Analytics – the analysis of the emotion and intuition that influence action. Offering technology for understanding the root cause of behavior, Kanjoya helps companies develop strong, authentic relationships with their communities and individuals.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Kanjoya is privately held and backed by storied Silicon Valley leaders including Baseline Ventures, SV Angel, Floodgate, and D.E. Shaw.

To learn more, visit www.kanjoya.com

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