D.C. lobbyist trying to ban openly gay players from NFL meets with lawmakers on Capitol Hill

Jack Burkman says he has amended the bill and has lawmakers ready to sponsor
(PR NewsChannel) / March 4, 2014 / WASHINGTON 

Despite the massive snowstorm, D.C.’s top lobbyist and his team were on Capitol Hill this morning, plowing ahead with a piece of legislation intended to ban openly gay football players from the National Football League.

Jack Burkman says he met with several lawmakers and would-be bill sponsors on the Hill, and as a result, has amended two key provisions of the American Decency Act of 2014, to secure their support

On The Morning Show on 92.9 The Game (CBS), Burkman told host Randy Cross that he strengthened the mandated penalties to a minimum of eight million to a maximum of $12-million per violation, which up from a minimum of $3-million, up to a maximum of $8-million.

“It’s all about common decency,” said the Washington lobbyist to hosts Jason Bailey and Randy Cross. “It’s all about values that the country should share and I think the country does share,”

The amended version of the Act now empowers the Commissioner of the National Football League to determine what constitutes “separate” facilities. This may vary from team to team, as stadium conditions vary.

“The members of Congress wanted this in as it would enable the NFL to self-regulate in order to avoid The Department of Justice getting involved and further straining government resources,” says Burkman.

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