Content marketing using press releases and why the most progressive brands are doing it

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(PR NewsChannel) / February 28, 2014 / TAMPA, Fla. 
press releases for content marketing

The most progressive brands are using press releases for content marketing

Content marketing using press releases is an approach that leverages the power of the Internet and is currently being used by the most progressive brands.

So, forget what you think you know about press releases because they are not just for the press anymore like the name implies.

“They may be called “press” releases. But press releases are not just for the press,” writes Nathan Legg on PRNC TV about content marketing using press releases. “Nowadays the press release is being used to target consumers directly. They are being used to do an “end run” around reporters, as much as they are still being sent to reporters in hopes of landing coverage.

“To effectively leverage press releases for content marketing, you must use key work phrases in the “press release articles” and then distribute them online via a press release newswire like PR NewsChannel.”

Press releases are not dead, say experts, they’ve been reinvented.

“These days, press releases deliver on multiple levels,” writes March Communications on using press releases for content marketing. “Press releases are no longer just a way to educate third parties, such as the media. Now, they’re often seen directly by companies’ actual target audiences, which means a release is an opportunity to educate and engage, as well as capture lead information.”

Modern day PR: Content marketing using press releases

In order for these “new” and modern day press releases to deliver results, it’s not about finding something newsworthy, but writing about something interesting keeping Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.

“What we need… to change the way we go about writing the release,” says Megan Ziman on Marketo Blog, on the issue of using press releases for content marketing.  “No one wants to read about exaggerated company details nor do customers or investors appreciate reading a post filled with bolstered claims, clichés and over used words to describe company growth and news. I think this helps explain the debate about whether traditional press releases are dried out methods, because they have often become a landing page for boring, mundane, or fluffy posts. If all press releases were newsworthy, intriguing, and honest I think they would get a lot more pick up and actually result in real press coverage – which is exactly what they are designed to do.”

Even experts are re-learning, and even un-learning, what they thought they know about press releases. And they are beginning to think about how to use press releases for content marketing.

“I’ve learned one important thing about press releases,” writes copyblogger. “A great press release is not something that prompts a journalist to write an article; rather, a great press release is published as an article.  While that may be an abstraction outside of the most time-strapped of reporters, many times the better your press release, the more of it ends up verbatim in the resulting article. So stop writing press releases, and start writing news stories.”

“Press releases are still used as vehicles to notify media reps. But sometimes press releases are used for content marketing purposes,” writes the press release newswire, PR NewsChannel, on its website where content marketing using press releases is often the name of the game. “Press releases are an effective, affordable tool to reach consumers directly by delivering content where you want content to materialize: the search engines.”

And lest there be any doubt whether content marketing for press release works, what you are reading here is a press release put out by PR NewsChannel, a press release newswire.

It was optimized for content marketing using press releases.

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