Creator of the gift card behind the new ‘MeMoneys’

Easy-to-use saving and budgeting tool promotes fun in finance
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(PR NewsChannel) / February 27, 2014 / TAMPA, Fla. 

6 ways to saveIt has never been easier to splurge… responsibly.

These days, many people have a tough time finding the funds to make big purchases like vacations, houses and cars, and they end up maxing out their credit cards.

The solution? A mobile financial system, MeMoneys, which actually makes it fun and painless to save.

It’s from the brain of the same man who created the gift card and other popular money tools.

Bert Burke is a serial innovator, also responsible for the rounding up program used at financial institutions like Wells Fargo and Bank of America.  

His latest invention, MeMoneys, can be customized to fit everyone’s comfort in saving, with six innovative ways to do so.    

“The goal is to get people to see not only how easy it is to save, but the pleasure that comes with it,” says Burke. “I can’t tell you how many times one of our users express sheer joy in seeing their savings add up, especially come splurging time when they are able to comfortably make that big purchase they have been working toward.

The saving and budgeting tool’s ‘six ways to save’ includes:

- Auto savings set beforehand by the user,
- Rounding savings similar to the round up program used by banks
- Instant savings where users can put money aside immediately
- Goal savings that will configure the amount needed to reach a monetary target.
- Coupon savings – just saved $4.22 at the grocery, really save that money
- Budget savings will save the amount you are under your monthly budget

All of the tools can be easily accessed from a desktop or mobile device.

After seeing the great success MeMoneys brings to individual consumers, Burke believes that it won’t be long before MeMoneys is a hit for retailers and search engines like Amazon, Google, Walmart, Yahoo and Facebook, helping to revolutionize consumer spending–like the rounding up concept was a winner with banks.

 “We are seeing consumers learn how to save, and then putting that money back into the economy with the purchases they truly desire,” says Burke. “I see an opportunity for retailers and search engines to be mutually beneficial with their users. Companies like Amazon or Google would have the ability to create incentive for consumers to save for a big expenditure, and splurge on something one of those companies can offer. In the end, both parties ultimately get what they want.”

To learn more about the saving and budgeting tool, MeMoneys, please visit their website at  You can even download the MeMoneys app for iPhones and Androids here.

About MeMoneys: MeMoneys is the easy-to-use saving, budgeting and splurging tool from successful innovator Bert Burke. Burke, who holds a master’s in psychology from Yeshiva University and a doctorate in psychology and strategic change from Walden University, holds the patents for multiple financial programs or products, He also developed what is now known today as a retail gift card and the transaction rounding-up program used in banks, like Wells Fargo and Bank of America, today. With six ways to save, consumers are able to reach financial goals, whether they are saving up enough for a big purchase or simply having extra money. MeMoneys can be managed on the web or by a mobile app for both iPhones and Androids.

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