Burning bridges? Kevin Faulconer’s support of Prop B could cost him votes in San Diego mayoral race

The death benefit debacle facing new firefighters could siphon thousands of votes from Kevin Faulconer in the tight race
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(PR NewsChannel) / January 28, 2014 / SAN DIEGO 
Kevin Faulconer

Kevin Faulconer opposed Prop B, then backed it. Now, experts say, it could cost him votes in the tight race for mayor of San Diego.

Kevin Faulconer’s support for Prop B could potentially cost him thousands of votes–from San Diego firefighters and their families and friends, according to political analysts.

With a recent poll showing that the mayoral race in San Diego is heading toward to a photo finish, political strategists are assessing each and every vote.

“This is not only their lives on the line but what happens if they die on the job,” says one strategist involved in the race. “This issue hits close to home for new firefighters and all firefighters and so far there are no answers. Veterans will feel for them and their plight and the fact they are sitting in limbo.”

Proposition B was sold to voters as pension reform. City officials, including Faulconer, said it would keep firefighters from ever facing the prospect of being without death benefits.

Though Kevin Faulconer at first floated an alternate plan to Prop B—one that would’ve kept death benefits for new firefighters intact—he caved and threw his support behind Prop B.

Leaving new hires, like Hobie Porterfield, who has a wife and 11 year old son, left wondering what will happen to his family if the unthinkable happens.

“It’s a big, big issue,” Porterfield told NBC 7 San Diego, back when the loophole was first exposed in November and the issue was hot. “It’s something that’s pretty hard not to think about whenever we’re putting our lives on the line for other people.”

Analysts say the fact that Faulconer flip flopped—first was against Prop B and then supported it—will not play well with voters who are looking for someone with character to replace Bob Filner.

Kevin Faulconer: Prop B impact on race

A poll by U-T San Diego and 10News shows a surge in support for David Alvarez—to where he is now within 5 points of Kevin Faulconer. A similar poll from earlier in the month had the Republican City Councilman up by 16 points.

The poll shows that voters, who say integrity is the most important quality in a mayor, favor Alvarez by 11 points.

“Voters don’t like candidates who are wishy-washy—especially when a change of heart failed to protect the very people who keep us safe,” says the political insider.

The election is February 11.

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SOURCE:  Californians for a Better Today

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